NETSCOUT’s Fluke Networks Enterprise Solutions broadens support for 802.11ac wireless network standard

Fluke NetworksAs more organisations embrace mobile computing and consumers increasingly rely on mobile devices to manage their always-on, hyper-connected world, Wi-Fi networks are quickly becoming the backbone for delivering an optimal user experience. According to Cisco’s Visual Networking Index report, wired devices will account for just 33 per cent of IP traffic by 2019, while Wi-Fi and mobile devices will account for 66 percent (1) . Recognising the interdependency of wired and wireless networks, Fluke Networks Enterprise Solutions, a business unit of NETSCOUT SYSTEMS, INC. (NASDAQ: NTCT) is rolling out new 802.11ac functionality in two of its most popular portable network analysis and troubleshooting tools, the OptiView® XG Network Analysis Tablet and the OneTouch™ AT Generation 2 Network Assistant.

“People increasingly judge the quality of a network by wireless access performance. If users experience a slow Wi-Fi network, or they can’t connect to it, or they keep losing the connection, their frustration mounts and the entire network becomes suspect,” said Daryle DeBalski, vice president and general manager of Fluke Networks Enterprise Solutions. “A faster wireless technology standard like 802.11ac offers significant upside, but only if IT teams can keep the network running at optimal levels. Our expanded support for 802.11ac gives IT leaders peace of mind, knowing their teams can quickly find and fix any wired or wireless performance issue to maximise end-user experience.”
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NETSCOUT’s Fluke Networks Enterprise Solutions wins NetworkWorld Asia 2015 Readers’ Choice Award

Fluke NetworksOctober 28, 2015 Fluke Networks Enterprise Solutions, a business unit of NETSCOUT SYSTEMS, INC. (NASDAQ: NTCT), has been named a NetworkWorld Asia 2015 Readers’ Choice Awards winner in the ‘network testing, monitoring & protection’ category.

The latest NetworkWorld Asia Readers’ Choice Product Excellence Awards recognise solution providers that have made the greatest impact on Asian end-user organisations in 2015. The awards are based on votes from qualified readers of NetworkWorld Asia, Networks Asia, Asia Cloud Forum, Security Asia and Storage Asia.

The ‘network testing, monitoring & protection’ category award identifies the best tools and services that monitor and test corporate networks, troubleshoot problems, and protect network infrastructure integrity.

Amit Rao, Senior Director of Business Development, Fluke Networks Enterprise Solutions, said, “Fluke Networks Enterprise Solutions is honoured to win the Readers’ Choice Awards 2015 in the ‘network testing, monitoring & protection’ category. This award reflects Fluke Networks Enterprise Solutions’ commitment to providing the highest-quality network performance monitoring and diagnostics solutions to streamline issue resolution and ensure optimal end-user experience in today’s increasingly borderless enterprises. Read more ❯

New borderless enterprise strategy from Fluke Networks aims to help IT leaders improve end-user experience, business value

Fluke NetworksMay 22, 2015 – In response to fundamental shifts in the way enterprises architect their IT networks and datacentres, Fluke Networks has unveiled a comprehensive strategy to align its product portfolio around the needs of the borderless enterprise, which is any organisation whose end users rely on the unencumbered flow of digital information to conduct business.

Fluke Networks’ product strategy focuses on putting organisations back in control of the performance of their entire IT landscape, regardless of whether services are running on premise or in the cloud, with a portfolio of powerful, easy-to-use tools. With the recent launch of TruView Live, a new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering, Fluke Networks is also extending enterprise-grade, real-time network activity and performance monitoring to cover cloud applications.

“IT departments have traditionally focused on technology, service delivery and stability, while line-of-business leaders are eager to adopt solutions that enable rapid competitive advantage and winning more customers. These different perspectives can sometimes create tension between IT and business leaders, but they can all agree poor user experience has a cost, whether it’s lost customer relationships, decreased revenues or reduced employee productivity,” said Arif Kareem, President of Fluke Networks.
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Fluke Networks unveils TruView™ Live – a SaaS that adds cloud application monitoring to the industry’s most complete network and application performance management solution

Fluke NetworksMay 21, 2015 – The increasing use of business-critical cloud applications to drive innovation and agile response to emerging opportunities has come at a cost to the enterprises adopting them: a lack of complete visibility into network and application performance, which leads to increased potential for a poor end-user experience. In an effort to overcome this challenge, Fluke Networks has introduced TruView™ Live, a new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering that provides real-time monitoring of applications, platforms and infrastructure delivered as a service.

Using TruView Live, IT teams can gain the end-to-end visibility needed to rapidly pinpoint and resolve problems, deliver an optimal end-user experience and ensure their organisations realise the full value of cloud services. TruView Live is the company’s newest addition to its Borderless Enterprise product portfolio.

Eighty-two per cent of enterprises have a hybrid cloud strategy today, up from 74 per cent in 2014 . As more data and applications move to the cloud, delivering positive end-user experiences has become more difficult—and more expensive. Roughly 60 per cent of availability and performance errors are the result of misconfigurations by IT , and the average network outage costs $7,900 per minute . The loss of control and revenue dictates a new approach to measuring network and application performance that can accommodate applications that reside on premise or in the cloud.
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Fluke Networks introduces Link-Solutions – the adaptable toolset for network connectivity testing, documentation and reporting

Fluke NetworksMarch 11, 2015 – Fluke Networks has unveiled Link-Solutions, a combination of the industry’s most popular network testers and cloud-based reporting, which provides organisations greater flexibility and convenience in how they manage their network connectivity test results. Based on Fluke Networks’ popular LinkRunner and LinkSprinter hand-held network testers, Link-Solutions provides a cohesive way for PC and front-line technicians, field-managed IT teams, system integrators and VARs to conduct copper, fibre and Ethernet tests and then manage their test results – regardless of which testers they used – via a unified cloud-based dashboard. The company also announced the availability of the award-winning LinkSprinter outside North America for the first time.

An adaptable network connectivity testing solution designed to grow with any business
Link-Solutions comprises three products that work together to provide IT organisations unmatched flexibility in how they manage their network connectivity test results. As an organisation’s network becomes more complex, they can use the more sophisticated components of Link-Solutions, which include:
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Fluke Networks introduces LinkWare™ Live Professional Edition, featuring cable certification project management from any smart mobile device

Fluke NetworksFebruary 25, 2015Fluke Networks has unveiled a powerful new edition of LinkWare Live™, the industry’s fastest-growing cloud-based cable certification project management service. Building on the success of LinkWare Live Essentials the new LinkWare Live Professional™ further streamlines workflow for contractor project managers and field technicians, providing cabling certification project status on any smart, mobile device. LinkWare Live Professional supports browser based, remote tester configuration and real-time reconciliation between the project manager’s test setup and the field technician’s uploaded results.

With LinkWare Live Professional, project managers gain more visibility and control on the job site, ensuring their cabling installation projects will be finished on time, leading to more satisfied and faster-paying customers.

“With the launch of LinkWare Live Essentials last year, we helped our Versiv customers save time and money by dramatically simplifying test results management, eliminating problems associated with improper test setups and lost test results,” said Jason Wilbur, vice president and general manager of the datacom installation business unit at Fluke Networks. “Now less than six months later, we are introducing LinkWare Live Professional, which allows project managers, engineers and consultants to properly configure copper and fibre cabling certification projects in the cloud, deploy these configurations to testers in the field at the push of a button, and monitor the actual progress onsite in near real time as technicians sync their test results. With LinkWare Live Professional, they can support their cable installation teams all over the world from anywhere in the world.” Read more ❯

Fluke Networks makes dynamic responses to wireless threats and true “no-wireless” zones realities with new capabilities in AirMagnet Enterprise

Fluke NetworksFebruary 13, 2015 – Last year, hackers stole roughly 81.5 million records while carrying out more than 740 confirmed data breaches. Many of the attacks targeted household name brands, costing the global economy up to $575 billion annually*, and destroying consumer confidence—all while each company believed its data were secure. To combat this ever-growing threat, Fluke Networks has announced a major upgrade to its market-leading AirMagnet Enterprise wireless security solution.

With timely dynamic threat updates, location tracking and alerting of cellular or Wi-Fi devices, AirMagnet Enterprise is the first wireless intrusion detection and prevention (WIDS/WIPS) solution that lets enterprises and agencies enforce a 24×7 “no-wireless” zone. It also helps organisations meet stringent new PCI 3.0 compliance standards, includes a captive portal support for assuring guest wireless networks, and provides 802.11ac detection, location and blocking of rogue devices.

As mobile data, mobile devices and security breaches continue their stratospheric climb, the ability to immediately identify all rogue wireless activities, regardless of network type, and enforce a “no-wireless” zone is critical for organisations that deal with sensitive information and need to secure their vital data centres. AirMagnet Enterprise provides complete unified wireless (802.11a/b/g/n/ac) and cellular (3G, 4G LTE, CDMA) spectrum security across the entire wireless network infrastructure. Read more ❯

Fluke Networks introduces “AANPM for Dummies,” a how-to guide for an integrated approach to network and application performance management

Fluke NetworksNovember 10, 2014 – When an organisation’s network slows down, or fails completely, irate end users don’t care where the problem resides; they just want it fixed. The increasing complexity and interdependencies of today’s IT environments have given rise to a more integrated approach to network and application performance monitoring called Application-Aware Network Performance Management (AANPM). To help IT professionals understand how best to implement and use AANPM, Fluke Networks has launched a new guidebook, called AANPM for Dummies. Written specifically for network engineers, IT directors and CTOs, this downloadable eBook introduces the latest advances in network and application monitoring in six easy-to-read chapters. AANPM for Dummies removes the mystery surrounding AANPM.

Traditional network troubleshooting can be a time-consuming, frustrating process that adversely affects the end user experience, and ultimately the bottom line. AANPM offers engineers a more accurate and pinpointed view of both the network and applications, which reduces time spent debating where an issue originated. Read more ❯

Fluke Networks delivers world’s first cloud-connected cable certification tool to optimise test results management and maximise project profitability

Fluke NetworksOctober 1, 2014Fluke Networks has unveiled LinkWare™ Live, the first cloud-based service that lets contractors, cable installers and project managers using the Versiv™ family of certification testers to upload, manage, and analyse certification test results from cabling projects—anytime, anywhere.

LinkWare Live works with DSX-5000™, OptiFiber® Pro, and CertiFiber® Pro certification testers to optimise project management and safeguard contractor profitability by providing real-time access to testing results, extending support to technicians in the field, and eliminating costly truck rolls simply for tester transport back to the office. LinkWare Live is a free service available to all Versiv customers.

According to recent Fluke Networks surveys of more than 1,000 cable installers (who had collectively installed approximately 1 million links in the previous month), poor test results management creates a significant drag on productivity and profitability:
* eighty-three per cent reported having one or more test results management issues in the month prior to the survey
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Fluke Networks AANPM solution wins two 2014 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Awards

Fluke NetworksSeptember 25, 2014 – Fluke Networks, a world-leading provider of network monitoring and test solutions, has been honoured with two 2014 Communications Solutions Product of the Year awards from TMC, a global integrated media company, for  its Application-Aware Network Performance Management (AANPM) solution – Visual TruView™ and OptiView® XG.

As one of TMC’s most coveted awards, the Communications Solutions Product of the Year honours exceptional products and services updated or brought to market in the last year that facilitate voice, data and video communications solutions. The Fluke Networks products honored are:

  • Visual TruView, a unified AANPM solution that incorporates five network and application monitoring tools in one, and
  • OptiView XG, the company’s flagship portable network analysis tablet that automates root-cause analysis of wired and wireless network and application problems.

Fluke Networks integrated the two products earlier this year to provide the industry’s first AANPM solution capable of analysing an enterprise’s entire network infrastructure and providing a unified view of wired and wireless performance across the entire organisation, including the data centre, remote sites and applications delivered across cloud, carrier and enterprise networks.
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