Y Soft Validated as a Digital Transformation Leader in Quocirca Print 2025 Report

— Y Soft offers free Quocirca executive summary on the Digital Workplace of 2025 —

Sydney, Australia– Y Soft® Corporation, a leading enterprise office solution provider, announced that YSoft SafeQ® is the best positioned provider for enterprises’ digital initiatives as identified in Quocirca’s report, Global Print 2025. Y Soft is pleased to offer a complimentary executive summary containing the report’s findings.

In its extensive report on the future of the print industry, Quocirca provides a glimpse into the digital workplace of 2025. Although print continues to play a role, its importance is diminished as businesses become focused on technology and processes that allow them to be more efficient, productive and secure.

Top 7 Areas for Digital Transformation (responses shown as percentage of respondents)

In the Quocirca study, customers identified seven core Digital Transformation areas that are capturing their attention. Y Soft has anticipated these trends and has ensured that YSoft SafeQ, its enterprise workflow solutions platform, has the ability to meet customer’s digital transformation lifecycle needs today and onward toward 2025 as outlined below.
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YSoft be3D eDee 3D print management solution for education now available through Konica Minolta

Unique 3D print management solution with comprehensive print management and accounting features to manage and recover 3D printing costs

Sydney, Australia – Y Soft, the leading enterprise workflow solutions provider, has announced that its 3D print management solution for the education sector, YSoft be3D eDee, is available in Australia through Konica Minolta.

YSoft be3D eDee is the first 3D print management solution with comprehensive print management features and an accounting system to manage and recover 3D printing costs.

With print management, educators can realise the true value of 3D because they can control student access and theft through lockable doors unlocked only by authentication, control costs through reporting and the optional use of pay-for-print. The YSoft be3D eDee print management solution can also be used to manage the 2D print fleet offering schools the ability to reduce costs, improve productivity and increase document security across the board.

3D in education is a growing market with more and more educational institutions adopting fleets of 3D printers to help STEM classes illustrate difficult concepts, enhance hands-on interactive learning, and drive class engagement. In 3D Printing in Education – a 2016 Report Card, the findings of an international survey of educators are highlighted including purchasing plans, 3D printing adoption and specific needs for managing 3D printing.
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YSoft SafeQ the first Mopria certified enterprise print server

Android users can now easily print without additional downloads or setting configurations and realise the benefits of enterprise print management

Sydney, Australia – Y Soft® Corporation, a leading enterprise office solution provider and Mopria Alliance member, has announced that YSoft SafeQ is the first Mopria certified enterprise print server.

Y Soft achieved the certification by closely working with the Mopria Alliance and developing a mobile integration gateway between Mopria Print Service and YSoft SafeQ 6 print server. The mobile integration gateway enables wireless printer discovery for any Android mobile device user including individual consumers or those within an enterprise. For the first time, Y Soft is making its technology – including pull printing, reporting and secure printing – available to all individual Android mobile device users by supporting the Mopria Print Service with the YSoft SafeQ print server. YSoft SafeQ enterprise users can also enjoy the full functionality of YSoft SafeQ through the mobile integration gateway.
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Y Soft Demonstrates Strong Fiscal Year Growth in 2017

Sydney, Australia –  Y Soft® Corporation, a leading enterprise office solution provider, released an update to its fiscal year statistics demonstrating strong growth and setting the stage for continued innovation in enterprise workflow solutions.

Highlights from the summary issued by Y Soft include:

  • An increase in customers from 14,000 to more than 15,000 demonstrating strong enterprise demand for the YSoft SafeQ® workflow solutions platform. The numbers also indicate an increase in the number of Global Fortune 500 customers who use YSoft SafeQ – 31 percent in 2017 compared to 23 percent reported in 2016.
  • Significant changes in regional revenue indicate that the North America/Latin America (NALA) and Asia Pacific (APAC) regions grew the largest in the fiscal year now representing 14 percent and 12 percent of the company’s revenue respectively. The percentage of customers for NALA increased from 4 percent in FY2016 to 10% in FY2017.
  • Introduced in October 2016, Y Soft’s Global Operational Excellence® (GOE) Framework, a proven set of processes and tools that simplifies the smooth deployment of YSoft SafeQ for global customers demonstrated Y Soft’s ability to manage large, global installations faster and saved, on average, 27 percent of time in the total sales cycle from first customer contact to installation. The average number of devices in installations using the Framework was 350.
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Y Soft to expand and open new manufacturing facility

Larger capacity strengthens Y Soft’s business growth, future proofs hardware innovation and supports IoT related products from its Y Soft Venture portfolio companies

Sydney, Australia Y Soft, a leading enterprise workflow solution provider, has announced that it will move its production facility from its headquarters building in Brno, to a nearby, larger facility in the Brno Technology Park. The new, expanded facility will enable increased manufacturing capacity and high quality production infrastructure to support the company’s current increased growth and its future plans. The larger facility also helps Y Soft support the manufacturing of IoT related products from its Y Soft Venture’s portfolio companies.

Y Soft manufactures complementary hardware solutions for its YSoft SafeQ Enterprise Workflow Solution Platform. In the last year, demand for these hardware solutions has increased by more than 21 per cent. In particular, demand for its USB Card readers has been significant.
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YSoft SafeQ managed workflows now support HP Records Manager

Sydney, Australia – Y Soft Corporation, a leading enterprise office solution provider, today announced that YSoft SafeQ Managed Workflows can now connect seamlessly with HP Records Manager 8.x, a records management system.

YSoft SafeQ Managed Workflows enable organisations to create pre-defined automated workflows for secure, swift delivery of scans to authorised locations. Automated scan workflows make scanning easy for the user and consistent and secure for an organisation while increasing productivity over that of paper-based processes.

In YSoft SafeQ Workflow Solutions Platform, IT administrators can define workflows to automatically deliver scans or batches of scans to authorised locations such as cloud-based repositories, ECS (electronic content systems) or DMS (document management systems) or line of business applications. HP Records Manager 8.x joins a growing library of destination connectors that enable direct, secure delivery of scans made on a multifunction device through the YSoft SafeQ system.
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Y Soft hardware solutions generally available for YSoft SafeQ Workflow Solutions Platform

YSoft LogoY Soft, a leading enterprise office solutions provider, has globally released new hardware solutions for its YSoft SafeQ Workflow Solutions Platform. The two hardware solutions, YSoft SafeQube 2 and YSoft Terminal Pro 4, are designed to reduce costs in an organisation’s print and digital transformation infrastructure.

Earlier this year, Y Soft announced a major update to YSoft SafeQ Workflow Solutions Platform. Now as a platform, customers can implement features and modules needed today and easily add additional features and modules using the same underlying framework and architecture, including print management and cost recovery for 3D printers.

YSoft SafeQ’s platform architecture also extended the company’s commitment to YSoft SafeQ’s core benefits: reducing print costs, increasing document security and improving employee productivity through custom document capture and automated workflows.

With the release of new hardware solutions for YSoft SafeQ, organisations have additional options to further reduce print and digital transformation infrastructure costs and extend the investment in their current fleet of multifunctional devices (MFDs). The latest hardware solutions that are now globally available provide the following:
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YSoft SafeQ workflow solutions platform and YSoft be3D eDee now generally available

YSoft LogoY Soft, a leading enterprise office solutions provider, has announced the general availability of the YSoft SafeQ workflow solutions platform and YSoft be3D eDee, the industry’s first 3D printer with print management. The latest version of YSoft SafeQ is now an integrated platform offering print management, document capture and 3D print management for reducing costs, improving productivity, and increasing document and object security.

Since announcing the YSoft SafeQ workflow solutions platform and YSoft be3D eDee in mid-March this year, partners and customers have been using the two new solutions via the company’s Early Access Release program. Now released globally, all customers can take advantage of these new capabilities:

– Document capture with automated workflows – while organisations have been enjoying the benefits of centralised print management, a need existed for integrating automated workflow solutions with centralised print management. With this integration, IT organisations can provide cost savings, productivity improvements and document security from one single application.
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