New Fluke 1594A/1595A Super-Thermometers deliver primary-lab precision and productivity

Ratio self-calibration ensures accuracy

Sydney, July 12, 2010  – Fluke Corporation, a global leader in electronic test and measurement technology, has introduced the new 1594A/1595A Super-Thermometers from Hart Scientific, designed to combine accuracy, value and innovative features for calibration of SPRTs, PRTs and thermistors.

The Fluke 1594A and 1595A Super-Thermometers are accurate enough for the primary lab, providing accuracy as good as 0.06 ppm (0.000015 °C), and economical enough for the secondary lab. Metrologists can feel confident that every measurement made with the Super-Thermometer falls within expected limits, easily verified at any time.

Other features include:

Ratio self-calibration for confidence in every measurement

The 1594A and 1595A feature patent-pending “ratio self-calibration” that enables users to test the accuracy or calibrate the resistance ratio linearity of the Super-Thermometer’s measurement circuit – regularly, easily, and without requiring any external devices or special training. Read more ❯