New Fluke 1730 three-phase electrical energy logger simplifies the discovery of electrical energy waste

1730_300dpi_82x100mm_DSeptember 19, 2013Fluke Corporation introduces the Fluke 1730 Three-Phase Energy Logger, an intuitive, easy-to-use tool with professional-level, energy-data gathering capabilities. The Fluke 1730 breaks new ground by enabling a broader category of multi-disciplinary maintenance professionals to confidently gather energy data, while the accompanying Fluke Energy Analyse software scales from the analysis and reporting needs of the facility manager to the advanced analytical requirements of electrical engineers.

Even well-run facilities can experience energy waste, most commonly through equipment and system inefficiencies or by operating at expensive times of day on the utility rate schedule. Detecting those wastes requires logging energy consumption over time, using expensive power quality analysers operated by engineers with advanced training. Unfortunately, those cost and skill barriers have made energy audits impractical for many facilities.

The Fluke 1730 Energy Logger changes that; a streamlined energy logging tool with a straightforward, intuitive design, the Fluke 1730 lets technicians load studies and energy logging right out of the box. The results provide facility managers with the information necessary to identify and prioritise energy saving projects.
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