New Fluke intrinsically safe digital multimeter delivers extreme ruggedness for use in potentially explosive environments

F-28-2ex_01a_cMay 25, 2012Fluke Corporation, the global leader in portable electronic test and measurement technology, introduces the Fluke 28 II Ex DMM, a rugged, intrinsically safe digital multimeter for measurements both inside and outside of hazardous zones.

The 28 II Ex meets intrinsic safety (IS) standards worldwide* for safe use inside potentially explosive environments, making it ideal for use in petroleum, chemical and pharmaceutical facilities.

The Fluke 28 II Ex is intrinsically:
* safe: meets global IS regulations, including ATEX, IEC Ex, ETL and GOST
* rugged for use in the toughest environments: drop-proof up to three metres (9.8 feet) with a totally sealed, IP 67 rated case for complete protection against dust and water. It can withstand hazardous 8,000V spikes caused by load switching and faults on industrial circuits
* accurate and reliable: provides all the test and troubleshooting power necessary for accurate measurements inside or outside potentially explosive areas. This eliminates the need to carry multiple meters for different areas and removes the safety problems associated with crossing through an intrinsically safe-required zone with a non-IS instrument.
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