New Fluke 5500E, Multi-Product Calibrator – The economical way to calibrate meters, clamps, thermometers and more

Sydney, July 27, 2010 – Fluke Corporation, a global leader in electronic test and measurement technology, has introduced the new 5500E Multi-Product Calibrator.

Based on the established 5500 Series MPC, the 5500E has the basic performance and functions needed for electronic test instrument calibration. The new 5500E offers exceptional value to those customers that have a basic yet varied workload, with a better performance specification in the more popular and flexible 5500 series instrument platform.

The 5500E has a wide range of outputs available from a single calibration source. These include dc and ac voltages up to 1020 V, dc and ac currents up to 550 A (using the 5500A/COIL, 50 turn current coil accessory) and variable resistances up to 330 MΩ. The 5500E also provides continuously variable capacitance values up to 1.1 mF.

For temperature calibration applications, thermocouples and RTDs are simulated and thermocouple signals can be measured. It also generates digitally synthesised extended bandwidth sine, truncated sine, triangle and square waveforms. The 5500E offers a broad workload coverage in one economically priced package. Read more ❯