Calibration professionals find new flexibility with new Fluke 5522A Multi-Product Calibrator

5522ASydney, February 17, 2011 – Fluke Calibration, a global leader in calibration instrumentation and software, has introduced the 5522A Multi-Product Calibrator, designed to improve the capabilities of calibration laboratories industry wide. 

An evolutionary design of the Fluke 5520A —the most widely used Multi-Product Calibrator in the world—the new Fluke 5522A will serve in daily use both within and outside of calibration lab. It is durable enough to be safely transported for on-site or mobile calibration of a wide variety of electronic test tools.

The Fluke 5522A is ideal for metrology engineers, technicians and lab managers who need to calibrate many different types of electronic equipment and require a transportable instrument that delivers a high return on investment in today’s challenging economic environment.

With the Fluke 5522A, metrologists can do more with less by investing in a single calibrator that gives them the flexibility to calibrate a wide range of instruments. For greater productivity, the Fluke 5522A can be fully automated with MET/CAL® Plus Calibration Management Software.
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