Fluke introduces new, more accurate 6100B and 6105A electrical power standards

Fluke 6105A

Sydney, November 9, 2009 – Fluke Corporation, the global leader in electronic test and measurement technology, has introduced new, more accurate electrical power standards designed to deliver stable, precise reference power and energy for use in calibrating electrical measurement equipment.

The new Fluke 6105A and 6100B Electrical Power Standards provide the stability and accuracy required by users including national measurement institutes, instrument service and calibration firms, electronics manufacturers, power utilities and standards laboratories.

The importance of accurate power and energy measurements has increased dramatically. Deregulation and the increasingly distributed nature of today’s power supply network mean that measurements must be made more frequently, with a higher degree of accuracy.

Global moves to smart metering and smart grid technology require better measures of electricity. As accuracy specifications get tighter, measurement techniques become more important.
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