Fluke Networks introduces “AANPM for Dummies,” a how-to guide for an integrated approach to network and application performance management

Fluke NetworksNovember 10, 2014 – When an organisation’s network slows down, or fails completely, irate end users don’t care where the problem resides; they just want it fixed. The increasing complexity and interdependencies of today’s IT environments have given rise to a more integrated approach to network and application performance monitoring called Application-Aware Network Performance Management (AANPM). To help IT professionals understand how best to implement and use AANPM, Fluke Networks has launched a new guidebook, called AANPM for Dummies. Written specifically for network engineers, IT directors and CTOs, this downloadable eBook introduces the latest advances in network and application monitoring in six easy-to-read chapters. AANPM for Dummies removes the mystery surrounding AANPM.

Traditional network troubleshooting can be a time-consuming, frustrating process that adversely affects the end user experience, and ultimately the bottom line. AANPM offers engineers a more accurate and pinpointed view of both the network and applications, which reduces time spent debating where an issue originated. Read more ❯