New Meru dual-802.11ac-radio access point gives customers two 80MHz channels at 5Ghz for up to 3X the performance of 802.11n

Wavelink LogoJuly 17, 2013 – Meru Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ:MERU) has announced the Meru AP832, the market’s fastest 802.11ac access point. Meru’s superior 802.11ac speed is attributable to the Virtual Cell, a single-channel option provided by the MobileFLEX architecture and its support for the use of 80MHz channels as outlined in the IEEE 802.11ac draft specification. Competitors’ wireless architectures largely restrict support for 40MHz channels due to limited channel availability, reducing data rates to approximately half of the 1.3 Gbps-per-radio that the specification allows.

The Meru 802.11ac solution stands alone in its ability to enable the use of three spatial streams over two 802.11ac radios on standard 802.3af power. This eliminates the need for customers to upgrade their entire Ethernet switching infrastructure, as currently required by many Meru competitors when deploying their 802.11ac solutions.

“Ubiquitous and instantaneous access to information resources is essential to ensuring the best possible learning experience for our students and is essential to our future,” said David W. Johnson, head of Technology Services and  Support (TSS) at the University of Houston. “The adoption of Wi-Fi devices on the University of Houston campus has been explosive. Students are likely to carry two or three Wi-Fi enabled devices at any given time and all-encompassing Wi-Fi use in the classroom will soon be the norm. Read more ❯