Royal Freemasons’ Benevolent Institution aged care provider improving residents’ quality of care and quality of life with WLAN based on Meru MobileFLEX architecture

Wavelink LogoMay 29, 2013Meru Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ:MERU), a leader in virtualised 802.11n Wi-Fi networks, has announced that the Royal Freemasons’ Benevolent Institution (RFBI)is in the process of deploying Meru WLAN infrastructure to its 22 aged care villages located throughout New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory. The solution is based on the Meru MobileFLEX architecture.

“The MobileFLEX architecture, with Meru’s new Context-aware Application Layers (CALs) is one of the key reasons we chose Meru,” said Andrew Alpe, chief information officer for the RFBI. “I view the Meru network as the underpinning of everything else that we are going to deploy as an organisation. If you don’t have a solid network, you can’t deploy anything else. If it’s not reliable, you can’t run your services.”

Ben Giblett, of Schepisi Communications, who is managing the project for RFBI, completed deployment to ten facilities by May 2013. He expects to complete the rollout to all 22 RFBI residential facilities, which employ 1,200 staff and are home to 2,000 elderly residents, by the end of 2013. An estimated 1,000 access points will have been installed when the project is completed. The full deployment will be centrally managed by a four-member IT team using Meru’s E(z)RF® Network Manager solution.  Read more ❯

Polycom introduces new KIRK 7010 DECT Handset for healthcare sector

KIRK 7010

Polycom has introduced the new KIRK 7010 handset – the first in a series of DECT handsets specifically designed to meet the needs of the healthcare sector.

The KIRK 7010 handset provides a ‘ruggedised’ and application-enabled solution for healthcare environments.

The handset enables clinical and administrative users to benefit from wireless telephony within hospitals, aged care and clinics by providing features specifically required in these environments, including:

• handset protection against splashing water (IP54) when assisting patients in wet areas
• disinfectant resistant handset to avoid the spread of bacteria when caring from one patient to another
• support of alarm icons for third-party nurse call integration, patient and equipment monitoring

Polycom KIRK DECT systems and handsets are distributed exclusively by Wavelink Communications in Australia.


About Wavelink

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