Fluke Networks’ AirMagnet Survey PRO first to use real-world data to ensure Wi-Fi networks are ready for Cisco Location Services

AM SurveyApril 30, 2013Fluke Networks has announced that AirMagnet Survey PRO is the first to offer pre-configured profiles that use real-world wireless data to help wireless engineers instantly determine, with a higher level of accuracy than ever before, whether or not a network adheres to Cisco’s best practices for deploying Cisco Location Services. With just one click, organisations can improve wireless rollouts, eliminating the need for costly post-deployment redesigns.

“Cisco Location Services allows organisations to use wireless for more than just traditional connectivity so they can track devices and personnel via tags and their mobile devices on a wireless network. But, for this service to be successful, customers need to meet certain critical wireless infrastructure requirements,” said Chris Spain, vice president of product marketing for the wireless networking group at Cisco. “AirMagnet Survey PRO’s new integration of Cisco Location Services profiles allows customers to quickly gauge readiness based on real-world data, which brings a new level of accuracy to the process.”
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