Fluke Networks introduces AirMagnet Spectrum ES to accelerate in-building cellular deployment and testing

Fn-AirMagnetSpectrumES_04a_cOctober 3, 2013Fluke Networks has announced AirMagnet Spectrum ESTM, the industry’s first spectrum analysis tool specifically designed to streamline in-field testing and troubleshooting of cellular offload deployments, including Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) and Small Cells.

AirMagnet Spectrum ES offers portability, affordability and enhanced in-field productivity features. This includes the industry’s first automated new signature detection and location of RF interference sources, automated location-specific carrier and technology spectrum scan setup and intuitive network visibility, which is needed to verify and troubleshoot at every stage of the project lifecycle. These features help ensure offload deployment and troubleshooting are done quickly and correctly.

With the majority of mobile traffic originating from within buildings, the ongoing explosion in mobile data usage, the transition from 3G to LTE and the need for consistent coverage and capacity in commercial settings, the market is experiencing strong growth in infrastructure to offload macro cellular traffic. Yet these DAS, Small Cell and Wi-Fi deployments have lacked a tool that is actually designed around the portability, affordability and in-field testing features necessary for efficient multi-team installation projects at the customer site. As a result they have had to rely on sharing bulky and expensive lab-based test equipment that lacks the right functionality, slowing deployments and often leading to costly retest and rework.
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Fluke Networks releases new signature updates to protect against emerging wireless security threats and vulnerabilities

November 15, 2011Fluke Networks has announced the release of new threat signature updates for its AirMagnet Enterprise 9.0 wireless intrusion detection and prevention system (WIDS/WIPS).

The updates offer protection against wireless threats and vulnerabilities, including Karmetasploit and Apple’s new AirDrop feature.

By using its proprietary Dynamic Threat Update (DTU) technology, AirMagnet Enterprise offers the only wireless LAN (WLAN) security system on the market today that can quickly generate signature updates for immediate protection and automatically push them to customers without requiring scheduled downtime or additional IT resources.

Jesse Frankel, leader of the AirMagnet Intrusion Research Team, said, “Fluke Networks’ ability to immediately update against emerging threats is increasingly critical to both its enterprise and government customers given the growth in Wi-Fi networks and cybercrime.”

To help protect AirMagnet Enterprise customers against the changing WLAN vulnerabilities and threats, the following new signature updates have been released: Read more ❯