Fluke Networks’ AirMapper App for Android provides first heat map of Wi-Fi network throughput on a smart device; ensures networks are BYOD ready

BYODinfographic_final_smAugust 30, 2012Fluke Networks has announced the AirMapper™ App, the first application for Android™ that provides a visual heat map of Wi-Fi throughput performance on smartphone and tablet devices.

While existing solutions can map speed and signal strength or perform throughput spot checks, the AirMapper App is the first to provide a visual throughput map, which is key to optimising Wi-Fi networks by taking the actual user experience of mobile devices into account.

Wayne Allen, program manager, Fluke Networks, said, “Full bars do not mean a mobile device is working properly on the network, and given the explosive growth of bring your own device (BYOD), Fluke Networks’ customers have been clamoring for solutions that help ensure smart devices are working properly on enterprise Wi-Fi networks.”

Despite the growth of BYOD, a recent Fluke Networks market research study shows many organisations are not yet ready to address performance challenges with mobile devices in the workplace. Nearly 82 per cent* of organisations let employees use personal mobile devices on the wireless LAN (WLAN). However, 51 per cent* are concerned with how BYOD will affect bandwidth consumption.
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