New remote analyser capability for AirMagnet WiFi Analyser PRO and AirMagnet Spectrum XT eliminates need for costly site visits when troubleshooting wireless LAN

FN AirMagnet WiFi Analyser PROAugust 21, 2012Fluke Networks has announced a new remote analysis capability for its portable wireless LAN (WLAN) tools, making them the first to enable both real-time troubleshooting and spectrum analysis of remote wireless networks.

This lets organisations with remote sites that do not need WIDS/WIPS 24/7 monitoring to resolve connectivity and interference problems, identify rogue devices and detect security violations without having to make expensive site visits.

Wayne Allen, program manager, Fluke Networks, said, “Fluke Networks’ new remote analyser not only helps customers avoid site visits, it also reduces productivity losses that affect the entire organisation while they work to fix a problem or issue.”

The remote analyser solution is comprised of AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer PRO 10.0, AirMagnet Spectrum XT 3.5.1 and AirMagnet Series Sensors. Sensors can be deployed to remote sites and then be monitored via WiFi Analyser PRO or Spectrum XT at a control site.

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