Fluke Networks announces first auto multi-segment analysis capability for both portable and rack mount 40 Gbps stream-to-disk solutions – speeds troubleshooting by factor of five

Fn-ntmPortable1a_02a_hAugust 17, 2012Fluke Networks has announced a new version of Network Time Machine™ (NTM), the first packet analysis appliance that provides automated multi-segment analysis (Auto MSA) capability for both portable and rack mount solutions for up to 40 Gbps network traffic.

Network professionals now have the flexibility to use both rack mount and portable versions, or even the Fluke Networks OptiView® XG Network Analysis Tablet, to gather packet information across multiple tiers within the data centre or a distributed network. This delivers a complete view of the transaction process and isolates points of failure nearly five times faster than competing solutions.1

By 2015, server unit growth with 40 Gbps Ethernet interface is expected to grow by more than 40 per cent, which represents new challenges isolating packet delays and losses across different network segments.2

Wayne Allen, program manager, Fluke Networks, said, “The investments customers are making in 40 Gbps pipelines are tremendous, and they need to ensure they’re maximising the investment.
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Fluke introduces 434/PWR Power Quality Analyser

434PWRJuly 15, 2011Fluke Corporation, the global leader in portable electronic test and measurement technology, has introduced the Fluke® 434/PWR Power Quality Analyser for easy energy analysis.

The instrument helps electricians, field service engineers and maintenance technicians uncover energy waste in commercial and factory buildings as well as in equipment and machines.

The 434/PWR can be used to conduct energy consumption studies and electrical load analysis, and to perform power quality logging and analysis surveys. The power analyser can also help technicians demonstrate the benefits of efficiency improvements by testing energy consumption.

The instrument measures harmonic distortion caused by electronic loads, and analyses reliability problems by capturing voltage dips and swells from load switching.

A full-colour display uses industry-standard, user-selectable colour coding to correlate measurements with actual wiring. It logs incoming data with a unique AutoTrend function that highlights changes of data over time. The data can then be analysed with Fluke’s Power Log software, which is included with the 434/PWR.
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