Red Hat launches mobile application platform

Redhat LogoSydney, AustraliaRed Hat, Inc. (NYSE: RHT), the world’s leading provider of open source solutions, introduced the Red Hat Mobile Application Platform, which incorporates technology from the October 2014 acquisition of FeedHenry with products from Red Hat’s JBoss Middleware and OpenShift PaaS portfolio, and adds new mobile services. The platform offers enterprises a full technology stack to enable mobile-centric workloads to integrate with existing IT infrastructures, reducing the complexity and increasing agility across mobile development and deployment cycles.

The Red Hat Mobile Application Platform helps simplify and accelerate the development, integration, deployment, and management of mobile solutions by allowing collaboration across development teams, such as front-end application developers, back-end IT integration, and DevOps teams. Red Hat also announced the availability of a developer offering in its public cloud application development and hosting environment, OpenShift Online. Full support for the Red Hat Mobile Application Platform in production environments via OpenShift Enterprise is planned for the coming year.
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Fluke Networks unveils TruView™ Live – a SaaS that adds cloud application monitoring to the industry’s most complete network and application performance management solution

Fluke NetworksMay 21, 2015 – The increasing use of business-critical cloud applications to drive innovation and agile response to emerging opportunities has come at a cost to the enterprises adopting them: a lack of complete visibility into network and application performance, which leads to increased potential for a poor end-user experience. In an effort to overcome this challenge, Fluke Networks has introduced TruView™ Live, a new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering that provides real-time monitoring of applications, platforms and infrastructure delivered as a service.

Using TruView Live, IT teams can gain the end-to-end visibility needed to rapidly pinpoint and resolve problems, deliver an optimal end-user experience and ensure their organisations realise the full value of cloud services. TruView Live is the company’s newest addition to its Borderless Enterprise product portfolio.

Eighty-two per cent of enterprises have a hybrid cloud strategy today, up from 74 per cent in 2014 . As more data and applications move to the cloud, delivering positive end-user experiences has become more difficult—and more expensive. Roughly 60 per cent of availability and performance errors are the result of misconfigurations by IT , and the average network outage costs $7,900 per minute . The loss of control and revenue dictates a new approach to measuring network and application performance that can accommodate applications that reside on premise or in the cloud.
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Fluke Networks introduces “AANPM for Dummies,” a how-to guide for an integrated approach to network and application performance management

Fluke NetworksNovember 10, 2014 – When an organisation’s network slows down, or fails completely, irate end users don’t care where the problem resides; they just want it fixed. The increasing complexity and interdependencies of today’s IT environments have given rise to a more integrated approach to network and application performance monitoring called Application-Aware Network Performance Management (AANPM). To help IT professionals understand how best to implement and use AANPM, Fluke Networks has launched a new guidebook, called AANPM for Dummies. Written specifically for network engineers, IT directors and CTOs, this downloadable eBook introduces the latest advances in network and application monitoring in six easy-to-read chapters. AANPM for Dummies removes the mystery surrounding AANPM.

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Fluke Networks bridges the ever-widening application and network performance visibility gap with an integrated solution

TruView_XG-Final-SMApril 3, 2014Fluke Networks has announced that Visual TruView™, its award-winning Application-Aware Network Performance Management solution (AANPM), and the OptiView XG™, its flagship network analysis tablet, have been integrated to provide the industry’s first AANPM solution capable of analysing an enterprise’s entire network infrastructure—including wired and wireless, application performance and device interconnectivity, and in-depth path analysis all the way to an end user’s specific device.

Instead of the typical back-and-forth checking of separate tools with multiple user interfaces and sign-ons to find and resolve problems, network engineers now have a unified view of wired and wireless performance across the entire organisation, including remote sites and applications delivered across cloud, carrier and enterprise networks. Using Visual TruView, not only can they quickly identify if a problem exists, they can also isolate where in the path of delivery the problem may be hiding and effectively troubleshoot it, no matter where it occurs.
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