ASX Listing Rules Need to be Strengthened for Oil or Gas Companies

Plans by the ASX to overhaul reporting guidelines for oil and gas companies has been welcomed by national accounting firm RSM Bird Cameron

According to RSM Bird Cameron’s Director of Assurance and Advisory David Wall, an overhaul of reporting requirements for oil and gas companies will give shareholders much needed protection.

‘The ASX disclosure requirements for oil or gas companies are not as heavily governed. The disclosure requirements for these companies are set out in the Listing Rules, which stipulate certain requirements, but do not provide a lot of guidance on the standards to be used when preparing disclosure reports or the consequences for poor quality or erroneous disclosures,’ said Mr Wall.

ASX Listing Rules require certain disclosures from listing companies. Those disclosure requirements can be either continuous disclosure or periodic disclosure. There are specific disclosure requirements for “mining entities” – companies involved in exploration or extraction of mineral, oil or gas. The ASX disclosure requirements for mining entities are governed by Chapter 5 of the ASX Listing Rules, which have differing disclosure requirements for companies involved in minerals to those involved in oil or gas. Read more ❯