RSM Bird Cameron – 11 things business owners should do before 2011

In a bid to help business owners reap the immediate benefits of improving profits, cash flow and reducing stress levels, RSM Bird Cameron has 11 recommendations for business owners to complete before 2011.

Andrew Graham, director, business solutions, RSM Bird Cameron, said, “For many businesses in Australia the brunt of the GFC is still being felt and it is fair to say it has been a tough year.

“Cash flow is being stretched, which will be felt even more throughout the new year period as the pressure of increased interest rates on top of the festive season leads to payment terms being slowed beyond the delays we’re already seeing.”

Already many businesses are stretching payment terms to help reduce their operating costs and use it as a way to increase their available finance. Businesses will need to find additional cash in the near future, or increase the terms of their loans, which will increase the cost of doing business in Australia.

RSM Bird Cameron offers the below tips to help businesses find some immediate relief. Read more ❯