Red Hat technology predictions for the year ahead

Redhat LogoAs some businesses think about planning for the new financial year, it is crucial that they keep up with the latest technology trends. Red Hat provides its outlook for the year ahead.

1. BYOD gives way to BYOC. As if IT didn’t have enough to think about when it comes to supporting associates and their phones and tablets of choice, the coming year will continue the internal adoption of both public cloud-based applications (including SaaS) and in-house deployments of private clouds targeted at specific use cases. This will give way to a whole new set of integration and support challenges for IT.
– Brian Stevens, executive vice president and CTO, Red Hat

2. The cloud will be hybrid. “Traditional” infrastructure deployments are losing ground to hybrid deployments that include virtual and cloud infrastructure. When it comes to new applications, this trend will only accelerate in 2014. During development, companies will increasingly seek to use Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) to rapidly build, deploy, and scale applications.
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Four network BYOD impacts every organisation should be aware of

Fluke NetworksJuly 30, 2013 – Businesses have much to gain by embracing the bring-your-own device (BYOD) trend. While most organisations are already moving in this direction, many have yet to fully understand and address the multitude of effects that BYOD has on enterprise WLAN performance, security and compliance. Fluke Networks shares four network BYOD impacts every organisation should be aware of when monitoring the corporate network.

IT initiatives to tackle BYOD challenges often focus on mobile device and data management. Those measures can be critical for successful BYOD adoption. For example, using a mobile device manager to provision secure WLAN settings and remove them after device loss, theft, or retirement. However, these do not fully address the many ways in which BYOD affects corporate networks.

Chris Taylor, Regional Sales Director – Asia Pacific – HATA Region, said, “Today’s BYOD challenge is to find effective methods and tools to discover smart devices used in the workplace, assess their impact on the corporate network, reduce unwanted side-effects and facilitate trouble-free business-appropriate use.”
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Fluke Networks’ OneTouch AT v2 speeds troubleshooting of BYOD and VoIP network issues

Fn-OneTouchAT_01b_cJuly 2, 2013Fluke Networks has announced Version 2 software for the OneTouch AT Network Assistant, which adds new features making it easier for network technicians to isolate the root cause of end-user wired and wireless problems, fix or escalate those issues and validate performance and SLA (service level agreement) compliance after changes are made.

Network technicians are spending 48 to 58 per cent more time dealing with emerging wireless LAN and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) issues, according to a recent Fluke Networks customer survey*. More than 37 per cent report spending more time supporting VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) when compared to two years ago.

OneTouch AT has been updated with key features to help meet these new challenges including:
* BYOD Management – New automated Wi-Fi discovery capabilities (including 802.11ac devices) and Wi-Fi packet capture simplify smart device management and speed problem resolution
* Network Performance Acceptance Testing – New wired and wireless performance tests automate the measurement and assessment of end-to-end path performance to prove that network projects were successfully completed and that the performance meets design objectives
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Meru Networks confronts the crush of BYOD and sets new standard for WLAN capacity and performance with two new products

Wavelink LogoOctober 11, 2012Meru Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ:MERU), a leader in 802.11n wireless networking, has announced the availability of the industry’s highest capacity wireless controller, the MC6000; a BYOD-ready high performance access point the AP332; and an innovative 802.11ac Investment Protection Plan that protects wireless infrastructure investments as the current standard moves to 802.11ac.

The new, ultra-capacity wireless products are the latest advancements in Meru wireless innovation and engineered to address the crushing network requirements of BYOD while maintaining choice and control of both wireless and wired network infrastructure for resource stretched IT departments. The innovative 802.11ac Investment Protection Plan allows users purchasing AP332 and other qualifying three stream 802.11n access points to trade them in for 802.11ac access points in the future for only an additional US$499 investment*.

“The rapidly-increasing numbers of mobile users, devices, and applications on campuses and in enterprises are correspondingly driving demand for bandwidth expansion on wireless LAN networks,” said Craig Mathias, a Principal with the wireless and mobile advisory firm Farpoint Group. “Meru’s announcement is a powerful indication that capacity must be increased across the board – user productivity and organisational mission now depend upon reliable, secure, and high-performance wireless connectivity.”
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New Wi-Fi sensor from Fluke Networks eases BYOD challenge and reduces installation costs by up to two thirds

Fn-am-sensorSeptember 19, 2012Fluke Networks has announced a new dedicated sensor for Wi-Fi network monitoring that eliminates the need for Ethernet cabling, and reduces the cost by up to two thirds in situations where cable installation is restricted from a time, cost or logistics perspective.* With its quick and easy installation, three internal radios and Wireless Connect feature, the SmartEdge Sensor Series 4 for AirMagnet Enterprise instantly extends Wi-Fi security and performance monitoring, providing immediate coverage in the face of explosive wireless LAN (WLAN) and the Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) growth.

Wayne Allen, program manager, Fluke Networks, said, “With WLAN growth approaching $1-billion-per-quarter,# and the dramatic increase in BYOD, the areas in which organisations need Wi-Fi performance and monitoring coverage is increasing exponentially.

“The SmartEdge sensor provides a solution to help secure and monitor the network by eliminating roadblocks caused by Ethernet cabling.”
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