Law enforcement uses Fluke Networks’ AirCheck Wi-Fi Tester to help combat child pornography

Fn-AirCheck_02c_hAugust 12, 2011Fluke Networks announced at the annual Crimes Against Children Conference (CACC) in Dallas, Texas that its AirCheck™ Wi-Fi Tester is being used by law enforcement agencies to help locate individuals suspected of downloading child pornography.

The AirCheck tester, which is an easy-to-use handheld Wi-Fi tool with a simplified one button interface for technical and non-technical users, lets law enforcement agencies:

* drive by a suspected location and identify all the wireless networks in use

* utilise the product’s directional antenna to determine if a wireless network inside a  suspect’s location is secured or unsecured

* more confidently enter the suspect’s location, if they determine a wireless network is secured, knowing that illegal Internet content is being downloaded from within that residence

* track the suspected client (laptop, smartphone, etc.) location if a wireless network is determined to be unsecured, since there is a chance a non-resident is piggy-backing onto the resident’s wireless network from a nearby location and downloading child pornography.
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