Five ways to streamline capacity planning and optimise bandwidth use in the enterprise

Fluke NetworksNovember 4, 2013 – Today’s network managers are tasked with two conflicting business directives when it comes to network performance. The first is to ensure the delivery of an optimal end-user experience on the network and the second is to reduce the operational costs of the network. To help meet these challenges, Fluke Networks is providing five tips to streamline capacity planning and optimise bandwidth use in the enterprise.

With the network under more and more stress as video, VoIP, virtualisation, VDI, wireless and more, all fight for bandwidth, understanding the right time and reasons to increase throughput is key. Here are five areas to consider when tackling this challenge:

* Understand bandwidth resources and performance trade-offs. Bad performance does not necessarily mean that bandwidth is not sufficient. Knowing how busy links are, and for how long, is key to gauging the correlation between bandwidth and performance. Under-utilised links can drain bandwidth resources by using up valuable budget that could be allocated to other over-utilised links. Keep in mind that network bursting is normal, it just needs to be within proper thresholds.
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Meru Networks confronts the crush of BYOD and sets new standard for WLAN capacity and performance with two new products

Wavelink LogoOctober 11, 2012Meru Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ:MERU), a leader in 802.11n wireless networking, has announced the availability of the industry’s highest capacity wireless controller, the MC6000; a BYOD-ready high performance access point the AP332; and an innovative 802.11ac Investment Protection Plan that protects wireless infrastructure investments as the current standard moves to 802.11ac.

The new, ultra-capacity wireless products are the latest advancements in Meru wireless innovation and engineered to address the crushing network requirements of BYOD while maintaining choice and control of both wireless and wired network infrastructure for resource stretched IT departments. The innovative 802.11ac Investment Protection Plan allows users purchasing AP332 and other qualifying three stream 802.11n access points to trade them in for 802.11ac access points in the future for only an additional US$499 investment*.

“The rapidly-increasing numbers of mobile users, devices, and applications on campuses and in enterprises are correspondingly driving demand for bandwidth expansion on wireless LAN networks,” said Craig Mathias, a Principal with the wireless and mobile advisory firm Farpoint Group. “Meru’s announcement is a powerful indication that capacity must be increased across the board – user productivity and organisational mission now depend upon reliable, secure, and high-performance wireless connectivity.”
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