RSM Bird Cameron offers 10 tips for business owners to get done before the Christmas rush

Perth, December 3, 2009 – RSM Bird Cameron urges business owners to spring clean their business before the silly season hits to reap immediate benefits by improving profits, cash flow and reducing stress levels.

RSM Bird Cameron’s top 10 things for business owners to do before the Christmas rush:
1. Review product and service offerings and tailor the mix to appeal to the changing customer needs over the Christmas buying period and the following holiday phase
2. Review pricing structures pre and post Christmas to ensure competitiveness and profitability. Put formal procedures in place to monitor competitor pricing changes and respond proactively
3. Review stock levels to ensure you can satisfy customer demand for profitable product and service lines, and identify slow moving stock that can be liquidated as “bargain buys” or bundled into gift packages
4. Review sales, marketing and promotion plans for the pre and post Christmas periods and arrange the implementation phase before getting too busy. Ensure all staff are aware of the sales targets for each week and be proactive in addressing shortfalls Read more ❯