Clarius Group Unites under the Brand Ignite to Re-imagine Talent Services

Ignite Australian businesses under the Clarius Group banner have consolidated into a single identity and are now trading under a new brand, Ignite.

With 300 employees, Ignite operates in eight cities across Australia, as well as in China under the Lloyd Morgan Executive brand. The brands that operated under the Clarius Group banner included Alliance, Candle, JavIT, Lloyd Morgan, SouthTech and The One Umbrella. Clarius Group has been operating for more than 30 years.

The new brand will encompass new offerings and three core divisions in Australia that include Specialist Recruitment Services, On-Demand Talent Services and Outsourced People Services.

Peter Wilson, CEO, Ignite, said, “Ignite is re-imagining talent services designed to meet the changing world of talent sourcing and management. Using deep industry expertise, combined with a fresh approach called FutureNOW, the company provides the best technical, cultural and strategic alignment of candidates to clients to produce lasting value for both, and in doing so, sets the stage to ignite greater potential.” Read more ❯