Y Soft hardware solutions generally available for YSoft SafeQ Workflow Solutions Platform

YSoft LogoY Soft, a leading enterprise office solutions provider, has globally released new hardware solutions for its YSoft SafeQ Workflow Solutions Platform. The two hardware solutions, YSoft SafeQube 2 and YSoft Terminal Pro 4, are designed to reduce costs in an organisation’s print and digital transformation infrastructure.

Earlier this year, Y Soft announced a major update to YSoft SafeQ Workflow Solutions Platform. Now as a platform, customers can implement features and modules needed today and easily add additional features and modules using the same underlying framework and architecture, including print management and cost recovery for 3D printers.

YSoft SafeQ’s platform architecture also extended the company’s commitment to YSoft SafeQ’s core benefits: reducing print costs, increasing document security and improving employee productivity through custom document capture and automated workflows.

With the release of new hardware solutions for YSoft SafeQ, organisations have additional options to further reduce print and digital transformation infrastructure costs and extend the investment in their current fleet of multifunctional devices (MFDs). The latest hardware solutions that are now globally available provide the following:
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