OnePlace Solutions adds rich personalisation and intelligence for Microsoft 365 solutions

OnePlace Solutions has continued its quest to deliver greater personalisation and intelligence for solutions built on the Microsoft 365 platform, with the launch of Solution Profiles in the OnePlaceMail app (Software-as-a-Service solution). The inclusion of Solution Profiles support in the OnePlaceMail app means applications built on Microsoft 365 can now be delivered in a more intelligent and personalised manner within Microsoft Outlook. The OnePlaceMail app is available in every supported Outlook environment, including mobile devices, MacOS, Outlook on the web, and Windows.  

Solution Profiles are a set of services that personalise the user experience according to parameters such as job function or persona. This ensures users can see the information they need more easily, without the noise and clutter that can be created when working in complex SharePoint environments.  

James Fox, CEO, OnePlace Solutions, said, “At OnePlace Solutions, we’re enabling people in business to do more, simply. The launch of Solution Profiles for the OnePlaceMail app is in line with this vision, promoting seamless capture, classification, and access to documents in SharePoint straight from email without having to switch screens. This delivers significant productivity benefits to users and streamlines their experience.  

“With so many people moving away from office-based working to a more flexible and remote work environment over the past year, mobile productivity solutions have become indispensable to organisations. Workers are looking to remain productive and collaborative on the go from any location, so adding Solution Profiles functionality into the OnePlaceMail app will contribute significantly to organisations’ productivity.” 

Solution Profiles focus on the needs of the users, removing any unnecessary concern and complexity for users around the underlying information architecture. This means solutions such as project management, legal matter management or any other solution built on Microsoft 365 can be delivered to where the user works in a personalised manner for greater engagement and productivity when capturing, classifying, and accessing information.  

James Fox said, “Solution Profiles let users see the information they need in the way they want to see it. Importantly, users don’t have to understand the information architecture of Microsoft 365. Instead, they can focus on connecting to locations and content from the context of where they are working. It’s a highly personalised way to interact with Microsoft 365 solutions and the vast amounts of emails and documents that a company relies on.” 

While using Solution Profiles, users can still access their pinned locations and most recent locations. These three options together ensure users don’t waste time clicking around complex SharePoint sites to find the locations they need.  

James Fox said, “Solution Profiles save time and streamline processes. They can be especially useful in the induction process where users may be familiar with SharePoint but in a very different context. This approach brings information and business solutions to where the user works, so they don’t have to go through an extensive training process to be able to use the organisation’s systems, driving greater efficiency and productivity from day one.” 

The OnePlaceMail app utilises the Solution Profiles available in the OnePlace Solutions desktop software, so no additional user configuration or licensing is required.  


About OnePlace Solutions  
OnePlace Solutions is a Microsoft Gold Partner providing software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions to enable people in business to do more, simply. The OnePlace Solutions suite of products is used by organisations to increase productivity, empower modern workplace collaboration, and achieve intelligent information management and compliance.  

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OnePlace Solutions adds significant new functionality to software version 8.3

OnePlace Solutions has announced that significant new functionality will be included in the latest version of its productivity software, which enables people in business to do more, simply. OnePlace Solutions Desktop Release 8.3 includes updates that will increase productivity and usability, helping users maximise their efficiency.

James Fox, CEO, OnePlace Solutions, said, “OnePlace Solutions has listened carefully to customers to determine the most impactful updates we could make. The team has packed a lot of new and improved features into this release and we’re confident users will see corresponding benefits for their businesses.”

Key new features in Desktop Release 8.3 include:

Support for high-resolution monitors

Navigation, forms, and other elements of OnePlace Solutions Desktop Release 8.3 have been scaled up to display more clearly on modern screens, providing a better user experience.

Customised search result views

When performing a search in SharePoint, search results are returned with rich metadata, providing context for users. In Desktop Release 8.3, OnePlace Solutions users will now see search results that mirror the SharePoint experience. This enriches the experience for users and makes it much easier and faster for them to find the documents they need. It doesn’t require additional customisation from users; the preconfigured columns in SharePoint will be pulled across to OnePlace Solutions applications.

This functionality is especially useful for users who rely on search to find information in Outlook. For example, legal matter management often sees legal professionals spending most of their time in Outlook. This update supports users who are search-oriented rather than browsing-oriented. Having built a Microsoft 365 or SharePoint view that supports the way they work, this update brings that solution to where people work.

Improved version control

Version control isn’t just about making sure users can access the most recent version of a document. In many organisations, it’s important to be able to access different versions of a document or even revert to previous versions. In OnePlace Solutions Desktop Release 8.3, users can see all the versions and version history of a file within SharePoint and choose their actions, including restore, delete, and open all from within the familiar environment of Microsoft Outlook. Users can also see comments around new versions, including what has changed and when it was reviewed.

Simplified email attachment management

In previous versions, it wasn’t possible to save calendar attachments to SharePoint from Microsoft Outlook. In Desktop Release 8.3, users can simply right-click the attachment in the meeting in Outlook, then have the same options as for attachments in emails. This lets users save information about meetings directly into SharePoint.

WebView control

A lack of browser compatibility made it difficult to view web-based content embedded in Outlook. This newly released WebView 2 control in Outlook has let OnePlace Solutions support modern rendering of SharePoint content embedded in Outlook. Now, users can experience the richness on the user interface of SharePoint without having to switch to their browser. This provides more secure and richer web experiences without the need to switch contexts, which can be especially valuable when users are working on smaller devices such as laptops without a second screen.

OnePlaceDocs Explorer functionality now available in OnePlaceMail

Desktop Release 8.3 of OnePlaceMail leverages three key capabilities from OnePlaceDocs Explorer. Users can now:

  1. Delete documents out of a SharePoint document library using OnePlaceMail.
  2. Move items to different locations, including other site collections, and retain metadata when the same columns are available at the source and destination locations.
  3. Check documents in and out in a document library, including discarding changes as needed.

James Fox said, “The team at OnePlace Solutions is excited for our customers to experience these new features. The features were prioritised and developed based on conversations with users, so we know that these are the improvements that customers wanted to see. As always, the team remained focused on minimising change for end users and enabling greater productivity by delivering more personalised and intelligent Microsoft 365 solutions to where people work.”

OnePlace Solutions Desktop Release 8.3 is available now.


About OnePlace Solutions 
OnePlace Solutions is a Microsoft Gold Partner providing software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions to enable people in business to do more, simply. The OnePlace Solutions suite of products is used by organisations to increase productivity, empower modern workplace collaboration, and achieve intelligent information management and compliance. 

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OnePlace Solutions offers Microsoft 365 add-on software for free to support remote workers

Remote working software helps businesses remain productive when employees work at home 

Microsoft 365 App Award People’s Choice 2019 winner and Australian software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions provider, OnePlace Solutions has followed Microsoft’s lead in response to COVID-19.   

OnePlace Solutions is offering its Microsoft 365 add-on software, the OnePlaceMail App, for free to support remote workers. No credit card details will be required to unlock this offer and it will be valid until 30 June 2020This offer follows Microsoft’s announcement that subscribers to Microsoft Office 365 will be able to access a free trial of its Teams software. 

James Fox, CEO, OnePlace Solutions, said, “The escalating situation caused by COVID-19 means that tens of thousands of workers may be working remotely before long.  

As a small Australian business, OnePlace Solutions understands the pressures that businesses are facing at the moment. We’re doing what we can to support fellow businesses by letting users access all of the features of the OnePlaceMail App for free 

OnePlaceMail will be an important ingredient in making sure that those who implement the free Microsoft trial will get the most value and productivity out of it.” 

Using OnePlace Solutions software, businesses can make it simple for users to share information and collaborate seamlessly and securely using Microsoft Teams or SharePoint, even if they’re not already familiar with these applications.  

Users can share information with their colleagues with just a few clicks and be secure in the knowledge that the documents they’re accessing are the latest and most correct versions, and that an important file isn’t locked on someone’s desktop while they’re on sick leave. 

James Fox said, “Fortunately for many companies, modern collaboration solutions make it relatively simple for most people to be productive from home.  

“Businesses need the right mix of secure access to information and shared digital workspaces to let their employees be just as productive from home as they are from the office. This includes videoconferencing technology, document sharing and management platforms, and collaboration software.” 

To get the most value from these platforms, organisations need to ensure that team members are using them effectively. Microsoft SharePoint and Teams are extremely powerful tools that help employees stay connected and up to speed on the information they need to do their jobs. However, if team members aren’t used to collaborating in this way, they may find themselves relying on inefficient and error-prone approaches such as emailing information to each other and saving documents on local devices or insecure platforms. This creates security issues and violates many best practices when it comes to managing corporate information.  

James Fox said, “With the right combination of cloud-based tools, employees can be just as effective and productive from home as they could be in the office. This can help minimise the disruption caused by COVID-19, letting organisations conduct normal operations including meetings and close collaboration, all without requiring team members, customers, partners, or suppliers to come face to face with each other during this critical time.” 


About OnePlace Solutions
OnePlace Solutions is a Microsoft Gold Partner providing SaaS solutions to enable people in business to do more, simply. The OnePlace Solutions suite of products is used by organisations to increase productivity, empower modern workplace collaboration, and achieve intelligent information management and compliance. 

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