Online advertising

It’s easy to waste time and money when it comes to online advertising.  The plethora of tools, channels and data available to use is growing all the time, and that makes it harder to understand what strategy is best and how to implement it.  If you want online advertising programs that are targeted, optimised and lead to specific, measurable results then our team can help.

Google Ads

Get full value from your advertising campaigns by speaking with Recognition’s Google Ads experts, who can identify problems with your current campaigns and ensure that your ads achieve greater prominence and generate a better response once the user clicks through.

PPC (Pay per click)

Are your PPC costs disproportionately high and out of alignment with the number of leads or transactions those click-throughs are generating? Recognition can show you techniques, such as how to make better use of keywords to target your ads to a specific audience, so that your budget is not swallowed up by fees for non-lead generating activity.

SEM (Search engine marketing)

Search engine marketing can account for a significant portion of your overall marketing budget, so you want to ensure that you are achieving maximum visibility and reach for your dollar. Using Recognition’s extensive knowledge of search engine metrics, we can help ensure that your marketing has the reach, impact and prominence you need for it to be successful.

Banner ads

If you need some inspiration to create banner ads that are eye catching, well put together, and convey your message in an easy to understand and effective manner, let the Recognition design team create banner ads that will deliver all of this and more.


By reaching people who have already engaged with one of your customer touchpoints and expressed some level of interest in your products or services, you can show them ads that are of the most relevance to them, based on their preferences. We can streamline this process further by creating customised lists and messaging and automating the frequency of marketing materials to give your message the best chance of being seen and acted upon.

Digital listings

Recognition can make it easy for your customers to find you by setting up your business on Google Place. We can also claim ownership of your digital listings and ensure your brand’s online assets have a single source of ownership.

Content discovery and syndication

Our digital team can assist with syndicating content and helping your customers find your content using content discovery networks such as Taboola and Outbrain.

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