Social media marketing

We can help you understand who your industry influencers are, help you engage with them, manage your social platforms, craft targeted social media advertising, and help you create compelling content to build an audience on your online customer touchpoints.

Influencer engagement

Do you know who the key influencers in your industry are, and more pertinently, are you engaging with them? Recognition can identify the right influencers and develop content that will resonate with them and their audience.

Community engagement and management

Your social media platforms are the public face of your business, and as such, it is important to manage, engage and moderate what is being said. The in-house experienced Recognition team can look after that for you, as well as create compelling content and find and share important industry news that will keep your audience engaged and informed.

Profile optimisation

Managing your social profiles can be an onerous task, particularly if you have a presence on multiple social media platforms. Recognition can tailor your profiles accordingly, with branding profile pictures, and company information to maintain a consistent look throughout, as well as use keyword optimisation so that your profiles appear high in the search rankings.


Social networks are a great option for advertising spend, as it is easier to track conversion rates and target advertising to specific groups, particularly given the inordinate amount of time that most of us spend on our mobile devices. Our experts can help you craft targeted social media advertising that has maximum impact and reach to your audience.


What you post on your social media platforms should be carefully considered. Just as you should monitor what others are saying on your page, so too should you take time to craft your output and ensure it lines up with your brand image and reputation. Recognition will work with you to produce premium content to share with your audience to set you apart as an authoritative industry voice. Recognition can develop and optimise your content, as well as managing the timing of your content to maximise the likelihood of getting traction.


Recognition actively track how your social media platforms are performing and identify where improvements need to be made. Information such as audience size, profile, reach, engagement, and competitive benchmarking can all be measured by our team and presented in a clear consistent format, together with recommended courses of action for any aspects which need to be actioned.

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