Web design and optimisation

Whatever you need from a website, we can purpose-build a WordPress site that is fully-functional, optimised for search engines to be easily discoverable and helps to grow your brand.

Website design and development

Recognition’s web development team can design and build a fully functional, easy to navigate website. We create websites that are completely customisable, optimised for search engines and can be accessed from any device, improving your brand’s identity online and maximising your reach.

Microsites and landing pages

If you have a special promotion or a one-off event or campaign that you want to promote, we can develop a microsite specifically for that purpose. We can also create landing pages which can be used for a variety of purposes, such as am email campaign to promote a new white paper can direct recipients to a dedicated landing page where visitors can enter their details in order to receive a copy of the paper, thus providing a useful tool to collect details of potential client leads.

SEO (Search engine optimisation)

Utilise our expertise in search engine optimisation to ensure your website is fully optimised to generate the maximum amount of relevant traffic to your business, as well as achieve a high search engine ranking, so that potential clients can find you quickly and easily.

Web audit and optimisation

A fully functioning website is an intrinsic requirement for any organisation. Improve the performance of your company’s website with an audit, which provides you with a detailed report on the performance of your website, identifying any issues with the site and recommendations that will enable you to improve the quality of your customer experience.

UX (User experience)

The user experience of your online presence is affected by a number of factors, such as ease of use, practicality, functionality, and responsiveness. Recognition can identify aspects of your website that may not be fulfilling user expectations and offer tailored solutions to ensure that your prospects have the most enjoyable and productive interaction with your website.


Understand the value of your brand and use your online presence to build it. We can carefully craft an online brand building program and strategy for you to help you achieve optimum brand awareness.

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