Free lunch seminars in Brisbane

These practical learning sessions are delivered by our Managing Director, Adam Benson, one of the most experienced B2B communication and marketing leaders in Australia.

Each event is stand-alone, but they are complementary, and designed to help marketing and communication professionals make sense of the rapidly-transforming marketing landscape, where content is king, digital engagement is critical, effective deployment of marketing technology means more leads and attaining thought leadership is a strategic imperative.

We hold these events in the heart of Brisbane’s CBD and each event is fully catered. You’re welcome to attend any, or all, of our events.

How to make your organisation a thought leader

  • What is thought leadership and why does it matter?
  • Types of thought leadership – and working out which one is for you
  • Mapping thought leadership to business strategy
  • Building a thought leadership strategy and execution plan
  • Critical success factors
  • Measuring success
  • Cases and examples.

Thursday, 20th of June 2019
12:00:00 PM

Event completed

Thursday, 21st of November 2019
07:30:00 AM


How to generate more media coverage

  • The journalist’s world and why you need to understand it
  • What makes great contact for a story
  • The most common mistakes companies make
  • How to make sure your media interview results in a great story.

Tuesday, 16th of July 2019
12:00:00 PM


Introduction to marketing automation

  • What marketing automation can do
  • How marketing automation differs from other software
  • The common concepts
  • Additional features and limitations
  • How to build an effective campaign flow
  • The common mistakes and pitfalls
  • Why data management skills are critical.

Thursday, 12th of September 2019
07:30:00 AM


How to build an integrated digital marketing plan for your B2B company so you generate more leads

  • How to understand a buyer persona and their journey
  • How to articulate your unique selling proposition
  • How to optimise your website so it will rank organically in Google and convert more leads
  • How LinkedIn, Google Ads and Facebook for Business help B2B companies drive new leads
  • How Google Analytics can help measure your campaign efforts and key metrics to focus on
  • How to link your digital channels together to create an integrated lead generation program

Thursday, 29th of August 2019
07:30:00 AM


Thursday, 10th of October 2019
07:30:00 AM

Meet the speaker:
Adam Benson

Adam is the Director of Sydney based marketing and PR companies Outsource B2B Marketing, Write Away Communications + Events and Recognition PR.

He has over 25 years’ experience creating and executing public relations and marketing programs for companies that sell complex products and services.