Wavelink Communications introduces ConnexALL Care

ConnexALL Care is one of the few managed event notification software platforms designed specifically for smaller organisations such as long term care homes, assisted living facilities, boutique hotels and retail stores.

ConnexALL Care acts as a messaging hub for multiple event management systems such as nursecall, building management, fire panel and duress systems and delivers messages to devices such as wireless phones, pagers, wall board display and PCs.

It integrates with existing systems, provides a graphical user interface, location based services and robust reporting capabilities that let organisations track and produce reports on events and responses to alarms to enhance communications, create efficiencies and improve customer, guest and resident satisfaction.

Jonathan Ordman, director, Wavelink Communications, said, “ConnexALL Care is specifically tailored for a market that finds full versions of ConnexALL out of its economic reach.

“ConnexALL Care is designed to give smaller sites much of the same, proven functionality that GlobeStar Systems has provided to large hospitals, hotels and campuses for more than a decade.”

Features and benefits of ConnexALL Care include:

  • automated, real-time alarm notification
  • integration with existing communications devices to drive efficiencies and increase satisfaction
  • enhances and improves current workflow
  • simple, easy-to-use user-designed interfaces
  • multiple systems integration
  • detailed comprehensive reporting built-in
  • high functionality
  • Virtual Call Points, unique to ConnexALL.

ConnexALL Care comprises:

  • one ConnexALL notification server
  • five device assignment clients
  • up to five input/output clients
  • up to 35 output devices such as phones and pagers
  • end-user provides PCs and server (hardware extra)
  • first 12 months maintenance included.

About Wavelink

Wavelink Communications ( specialises in the supply, marketing and support of a range of leading edge IP telephony and wireless solutions. Wavelink distributes a range of products from Polycom, Digium, Globestar and Meru Networks.

About GlobeStar Systems

GlobeStar Systems is a privately held company with its headquarters in Toronto, Canada. Using today’s communication standards, the organisation’s core competence is interfacing both hard-wired and wireless event-driven systems with communication networks. These networks can be either private or public and are deployed through wireless voice and data devices.

GlobeStar Systems’ core product, ConnexALL®, is a state-of-the-art system engine which seamlessly integrates an array of communication resources to any organisation’s existing systems. The ability to access real-time data anywhere in the workplace, on the road or out of the country, gives the company’s clients a competitive edge in decision-making and customer response.

GlobeStar Systems’ client base consists of some of the world’s most renowned and progressive businesses and institutions including telecommunications providers, banks and manufacturers.