New Fluke 5080A multi-product calibrator helps ensure accuracy of both analogue and digital test instruments

High compliance and built-in protection

Sydney, June 15, 2010 – Fluke Corporation, a global leader in electronic test and measurement technology, has introduced the new Fluke 5080A Calibrator, engineered to accurately and easily calibrate both analogue and digital test instruments.

International quality standards such as ISO 9000, as well as safety, nuclear, environmental and other regulations require a wide variety of electronic test tools to be calibrated traceable to nationally recognised standards.

The Fluke 5080A Multi-Product Calibrator calibrates both analogue and digital test instruments accurately and economically. Its high voltage and current compliance makes analogue workload calibration easy and precise. Built-in protection circuitry protects the calibrator against potentially damaging input voltages.

This easy-to-use instrument calibrates a wide workload that includes analogue meters, panel meters, digital multimeters, watt meters and, with optional accessories, clamp meters, megohmmeters, oscilloscopes to 200 MHz and more.

The Fluke 5080A calibrates analogue instruments reliably, thanks to its high voltage and current compliance. With maximum burden up to 800 mA for ac/dc voltage, and maximum compliance voltage up to 50 V for ac/dc current, the 5080A can drive a wide range of analogue meters.

Options and accessories let users calibrate an even broader workload with the Fluke 5080A, including:

· clamp meters – the Fluke 9100-200 10/50 turn coil and the 5500/COIL 50-turn current coil both enable the Fluke 5080A to calibrate most popular clamp meters at currents up to 1,000 RMS amps

· oscilloscopes – calibrate oscilloscopes to 200 MHz quickly, easily, and cost effectively. Verify dynamic response, bandwidth, timing, multiple triggering functions and input resistance

· megohmmeters – this option sources high ohms, high voltage resistors up to 18 G ohms. It also measures high voltage outputs.

As main voltage applied into a calibrator can cause damage that requires costly repairs, the 5080A calibrator incorporates innovative protection circuitry that prevents it from being damaged by reversed input voltage.

Optional 5080/CAL software provides automated calibration as well as reporting and record management capabilities for the Fluke 5080A Multiproduct Calibrator. It is easy to use and effectively provides tools to:

· create calibration procedures quickly and easily – no programming required
· automate calibration of analogue and digital workload with the 5080A
· manage calibration asset database
· store calibration records
· export data
· produce and print customised reports.

The 5080A also works with the widely adopted MET/CAL software platform via an upgrade available in the third quarter of 2010.

Product availability

The Fluke 5080A Calibrator is now available. The oscilloscope calibration option, megohmmeter calibration option, and 5080/CAL software will be available in the third quarter of 2010. For more information on Fluke tools and applications, or to find the location of your nearest distributor, contact the Dennis Juniper at Fluke Australia, Locked Box 5004, Baulkham Hills, NSW 2153, call (03) 9633-0444, fax (03) 9012-4107, or e-mail Visit Fluke’s web site at


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