Fluke Networks announces Fiber QuickMap for enterprise network fibre troubleshooting of most common failures

Fn-FiberQuickMap_01c_hJune 14, 2011Fluke Networks has announced the release of Fiber QuickMap, a new fibre troubleshooter for enterprise network technicians, which provides immediate visibility into the most common causes of failure and poor performance in data centre fibre networks, including high-loss events like breaks in multimode fibre.

Wayne Allen, program manager, Fluke Networks, said, “Fluke Networks’ customers have expressed continued need for a host of tools at both ends of the spectrum, but for day-to-day trouble they wanted something more in the middle in terms of troubleshooting capability for enterprise network technicians. Fiber QuickMap meets that demand.

“By 2013, the Gartner Group predicts that more than 25 per cent of the content that workers see daily, will be dominated by pictures, video or audio, which translates into a need for more bandwidth and increases the use of fibre.

“Fiber QuickMap and Fluke Networks’ other enterprise fibre solutions ensure it is continually raising the bar by providing tools with the most timely mix of troubleshooting capabilities.”

Fiber QuickMap is part of family of products from Fluke Networks focused on fibre testing and analysis.

To experience Fiber QuickMap, please visit the interactive demo at www.flukenetworks.comfiberquickmapinfo.


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