Law enforcement uses Fluke Networks’ AirCheck Wi-Fi Tester to help combat child pornography

Fn-AirCheck_02c_hAugust 12, 2011Fluke Networks announced at the annual Crimes Against Children Conference (CACC) in Dallas, Texas that its AirCheck™ Wi-Fi Tester is being used by law enforcement agencies to help locate individuals suspected of downloading child pornography.

The AirCheck tester, which is an easy-to-use handheld Wi-Fi tool with a simplified one button interface for technical and non-technical users, lets law enforcement agencies:

* drive by a suspected location and identify all the wireless networks in use

* utilise the product’s directional antenna to determine if a wireless network inside a  suspect’s location is secured or unsecured

* more confidently enter the suspect’s location, if they determine a wireless network is secured, knowing that illegal Internet content is being downloaded from within that residence

* track the suspected client (laptop, smartphone, etc.) location if a wireless network is determined to be unsecured, since there is a chance a non-resident is piggy-backing onto the resident’s wireless network from a nearby location and downloading child pornography.

After investigating a number of other wireless tracking devices, the City of Martinez Police Department, located in California, is one of the agencies that has selected the AirCheck tester to help track down suspected criminals.

Sergeant Dave Mathers, head of the Electronic Crimes Unit of the City of Martinez Police Department, said, “Combating the growing threat of child pornography on the Internet is a nationwide priority.

“AirCheck is a simple, elegant, and easy to use tool that aids in locating suspects on wireless networks. The tool easily verifies wireless network settings, providing us with more confidence that we’ve identified the suspect’s location. Using this information, we can eliminate more variables while focusing on the suspect downloading the illegal content.”

Arif Kareem, president of Fluke Networks, said, “This is a terrible crime against society, and the fact that our technology can be part of the solution, is something we’re very proud of as a company.”

The AirCheck Wi-Fi tester is part of a family of Fluke Networks products that are being used worldwide to help combat cybercrime.


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