Fluke Networks gives telecom technician tool belts an extreme makeover

June 21, 2012Fluke NetworksFluke Networks Ts54has announced the TS54 TDR telephone test set, which is 62 per cent lighter and 20 per cent more cost effective than other similar solutions on the market*. The TS54 changes the game for data and telecom technicians and companies everywhere in terms of ergonomics, cost and functionality.

The highly durable TS54 tester also passes a 6 metre (20-foot) concrete drop test and includes an industry leading three-year warranty.

Service provider technicians spend the majority of their day in the field with heavy tool belts that carry the equipment necessary to test today’s voice, data and video services. The TS54 tester combines the functionality of what were formerly three separate tools into one, which not only reduces tool belt weight significantly, but also helps reduce testing equipment costs per technician.

Wayne Allen, program manager, Fluke Networks, said, “Whatever you want to call them: test sets or butt sets, the integration of three test sets into one, plus the added protection of a three year-warranty, lets Fluke Networks offer its service provider partners with a significant reduction in the total cost of ownership.”

Technologically, the TS54 tester brings a full suite of new capabilities into an integrated telephone test set, all of which are essential for the ability to properly test today’s voice, video and data telecommunications systems. In addition to the integrated TDR, the TS54 features open/short circuit detection to 914 metres (3,000 feet), a built-in toner with five tones, patented SmartTone functionality for exact pair identification, glow in the dark keys and backlit LCD screen.

The TS54 tester is part of Fluke Networks new line of voice, data and video test sets, the TS Professional (PRO) Series, which also includes the TS53 and TS23 testers. These two products deliver a combination of seven or four multifunctional tests respectively, without TDR or toner features.

Allen said, “Telecom service technicians and the test sets they use to assure performance are the unsung heroes of the telecommunications industry. With exponential growth in the use of telecommunications networks driving the need to transmit voice, data, and video seamlessly and reliably, the stakes are high. That is where the TS54 delivers. It’s lighter, easy to use and combines the most critical testing needs into a single, durable, reliable test set that’s completely redesigned to help meet that demand.”

The TS PRO Series is available immediately. For more information, please visit Fluke Networks. In addition, download “The Evolution of Test Sets in Telecom History” info graphic.


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*Based on internal Fluke Networks research on average list of standard competitive products.