Fluke Networks launches Visual TruView, industry’s first truly unified, performance monitoring and troubleshooting solution

GR_TruView_Screen_blow-outMarch 15, 2013Fluke Networks has announced Visual TruView™appliance, the first truly unified, single-box network and application performance monitoring and troubleshooting solution. Visual TruView’s integrated approach fills an important need in the market; a recent survey of network professionals conducted by Fluke Networks indicated that more than half don’t have the tools they need to quickly and accurately identify issues with VoIP, application transactions and other network performance issues.

To speed problem resolution, TruView integrates the separate disciplines of network and application performance monitoring, element managers and Stream to Disc (S2D) with up to 10G performance,1 so engineers never have to waste time performing “swivel chair “correlations across multiple tool sets. To ensure these integrated functions operate without degrading performance, Visual TruView has 2.5 times more analytical processing power than any competing solution. Plus, TruView features a single, correlated dashboard that makes it easy for engineers to drill down to individual or group of flows, packets or transactions of any user, site or period of time in just a few clicks. Furthermore, it offers automatic identification and configuration of applications and networks, so set up takes just 15 minutes or less.2

An increased need for visibility into network performance and the true cause of issues is clearly a driver for today’s IT pros worldwide. “The consequence of this evolution is that the network is placed in a highly visible position in the context of IT operations,” according to Gartner. “When an application fails, it is a natural assumption to blame the network, justifiably or not. To redress this perception, the network operations staff needs to recognise the strategic value in real user experience monitoring on a constant basis, identifying underutilised resources and optimising their infrastructures where possible.”3

“TruView was built from the ground up to provide this visibility,” said Daryle DeBalski, vice president and general manager of the Fluke Networks’ Visual business unit. “We’ve reinvented the way engineers can see and manage issues with today’s complex networks so they can move to immediate resolution. TruView changes the game on speed and collaboration for our customers.”

Fluke Networks President, Arif Kareem adds, “Fluke Networks is built on a 20-year legacy of providing innovative solutions that speed the deployment and analysis, and ease the monitoring of networks and applications. TruView is a clear demonstration of our customer commitment to continuing this legacy.”

Visual TruView is available immediately, worldwide.

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2. Fluke Networks market research, 2012.
3. Gartner, Inc., NPM Delivers Improved Network Visibility to IT Operations, Vivek Bhalla, Jonah Kowall, October 24, 2012.


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