MinePoint ERP certified by Technology Evaluation Centres

UXC Eclipse LogoJanuary 16, 2013UXC Eclipse, a leading provider of intelligent business solutions to the enterprise and mid-market, has announced that its MinePoint ERP solution has been certified by Technology Evaluation Centres (TEC).

The foundation of MinePoint ERP is Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 combined with a suite of integrated mining-centric modules developed exclusively by UXC Eclipse. The MinePoint solution draws on the mining and resource industry expertise of UXC Eclipse using rigorous project methodologies, quality assurance and global consulting services.

TEC certification status of MinePoint ERP lets prospective customers objectively evaluate the solution’s ability to address business processes.

Review and analysis of data on MinePoint ERP’s functionality has allowed TEC analysts to conclude that this ERP solution is functionally powerful, not difficult to use, and well-focused for mining companies.*

Bradley Stroop, Global Chief Executive Officer, UXC Eclipse said, “Today’s mining and resources companies need the right platform to grow operationally and geographically. MinePoint ERP delivers integrated mine management functionality built on 100 per cent Microsoft architecture.

“Receiving this certification for MinePoint ERP from TEC further reinforces the strength of this solution in meeting the needs of the mining industry as well as the on-ground and delivery expertise that UXC Eclipse provides to its customers.”

MinePoint ERP is a very competitive and strong offering, as demonstrated by the TEC Focus Indicator where the product scores excellently in all modules in the mining-focused ERP software sector. This means that the product provides a much greater level of support for functionality than the average solution in the ERP for mining market space.*

Mark Weimann, Senior Solutions Architect Manager, UXC Eclipse said, “The challenge for mining companies, which are lacking investment capital, time and resources in the current environment, lies in finding a single, integrated software platform to deliver comprehensive ERP and enterprise asset management functionality. This is what MinePoint ERP delivers.”

UXC Eclipse has completed MinePoint ERP projects for a range of miners from small greenfields to large multi-country implementations. MinePoint ERP scales to meet the needs of growing single sites to larger multi-site mining organisations looking for a two-tier ERP strategy to serve the needs of their different divisions and subsidiaries globally.


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About UXC Eclipse
UXC Eclipse is a leading provider of intelligent business solutions to the enterprise and mid-market.

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* Osintsev, Aleksey, “ERP for the Mining Industry MinePoint ERP for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012”, Enterprise Software Certification Report, November 2013 (December 5 2013)