Fluke Networks unveils TruView™ Live – a SaaS that adds cloud application monitoring to the industry’s most complete network and application performance management solution

Fluke NetworksMay 21, 2015 – The increasing use of business-critical cloud applications to drive innovation and agile response to emerging opportunities has come at a cost to the enterprises adopting them: a lack of complete visibility into network and application performance, which leads to increased potential for a poor end-user experience. In an effort to overcome this challenge, Fluke Networks has introduced TruView™ Live, a new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering that provides real-time monitoring of applications, platforms and infrastructure delivered as a service.

Using TruView Live, IT teams can gain the end-to-end visibility needed to rapidly pinpoint and resolve problems, deliver an optimal end-user experience and ensure their organisations realise the full value of cloud services. TruView Live is the company’s newest addition to its Borderless Enterprise product portfolio.

Eighty-two per cent of enterprises have a hybrid cloud strategy today, up from 74 per cent in 2014 . As more data and applications move to the cloud, delivering positive end-user experiences has become more difficult—and more expensive. Roughly 60 per cent of availability and performance errors are the result of misconfigurations by IT , and the average network outage costs $7,900 per minute . The loss of control and revenue dictates a new approach to measuring network and application performance that can accommodate applications that reside on premise or in the cloud.

“The popularity of cloud-based applications like Office365 and, and the emergence of ‘Shadow IT’ mean it’s far more challenging for IT leaders to gain visibility and assert influence over the entire IT infrastructure,” said Daryle DeBalski, vice president and general manager of the Enterprise business unit at Fluke Networks.

“As enterprise IT evolves from a service provider to a value provider, IT organisations have a valuable opportunity to demonstrate their worth by focusing on the end-user experience as a key performance indicator. TruView Live gives IT the ability to do exactly that by bridging the divide between the datacentre and the cloud, giving IT end-to-end visibility of their networks once again.”

The TruView Live approach: In the cloud, for the cloud
As a completely scalable subscription service, TruView Live offers considerable flexibility and ease of use to help IT teams start monitoring their cloud services in just a few minutes. Designed to operate either independently or in conjunction with Fluke Networks’ existing portfolio of network and application performance solutions, TruView Live is easy to install and needs no specialised knowledge or training.

With TruView Live, IT administrators can now:
• Monitor end-to-end availability and performance of networks in real time with a single dashboard
• Receive alerts and set performance thresholds to resolve issues before they become a user issue
• Isolate problems and proactively respond to keep the business productive
• Produce accurate reporting of SaaS performance and SLAs to management as needed

TruView Live gathers information and monitors application availability and performance via an active test sensor called a Pulse. There are three types of Pulse, which can be used in any combination:

TruView Pulse: A small, plug-and-play, active test micro-appliance that connects directly to the network on any Ethernet port. Because of its agentless architecture, system administrators can plug TruView Pulse into wiring closets, subnets, or anywhere in the datacentre itself.

Virtual Pulse: Free, downloadable software for Windows and Linux. Software Pulses enable test commencement in just a few minutes—even on user laptops, which is especially useful for IT administrators when they need immediate real-time monitoring due to a user having problems at a remote location.

Global Pulse: A Pulse hosted in the cloud in several locations worldwide. A Global Pulse has the same monitoring capability of a TruView Pulse or Virtual Pulse and provides an external third-party reference to help triangulate the location of connectivity and performance issues. A Global Pulse can be deployed with the click of a button and requires no software download or hardware deployment.

The convenience of subscription service
TruView Live, like many of the systems it monitors, is a pay-as-you-go service. That means businesses can add to their subscription as their cloud services monitoring needs evolve. Most network administrators are familiar with other proven Fluke Networks products. With TruView Live, they are assured of the same quality when monitoring their cloud services.

TruView Live is available in three service levels, based on the number of cloud services a business desires to monitor. For more product information, pricing, or to start a free trial, visit


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