New borderless enterprise strategy from Fluke Networks aims to help IT leaders improve end-user experience, business value

Fluke NetworksMay 22, 2015 – In response to fundamental shifts in the way enterprises architect their IT networks and datacentres, Fluke Networks has unveiled a comprehensive strategy to align its product portfolio around the needs of the borderless enterprise, which is any organisation whose end users rely on the unencumbered flow of digital information to conduct business.

Fluke Networks’ product strategy focuses on putting organisations back in control of the performance of their entire IT landscape, regardless of whether services are running on premise or in the cloud, with a portfolio of powerful, easy-to-use tools. With the recent launch of TruView Live, a new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering, Fluke Networks is also extending enterprise-grade, real-time network activity and performance monitoring to cover cloud applications.

“IT departments have traditionally focused on technology, service delivery and stability, while line-of-business leaders are eager to adopt solutions that enable rapid competitive advantage and winning more customers. These different perspectives can sometimes create tension between IT and business leaders, but they can all agree poor user experience has a cost, whether it’s lost customer relationships, decreased revenues or reduced employee productivity,” said Arif Kareem, President of Fluke Networks.

“Traditional IT has reached an inflection point where balancing technology and business outcomes is critical. With the growing influence of business units in selecting and bringing cloud-based services into the enterprise, IT leaders have to not only act as business partners, but also ensure Quality of Service for all applications. By taking accountability for improving user experience, IT can demonstrate a critical business benefit.”

Point-solution tools don’t work in the borderless enterprise
Many IT departments rely on multiple point-solution tools to monitor and troubleshoot application and network performance. However, these lack the holistic view required to measure end-user experience, a performance metric both business and IT leaders can understand and embrace. By monitoring actual response time experienced by end users, IT can align its objectives with those of the business and demonstrate its value.

The lack of a holistic view also inhibits IT’s ability to identify and solve problems, sometimes requiring days or weeks to identify the root cause of an issue. Analyst firm Forrester recently reported that 31 per cent of corporate network performance issues take more than a month to resolve.

Degraded network performance results in significant risk, according to a research recently conducted by Enterprise Management Associates. The survey results indicate a majority of enterprises have experienced poor application performance on at least an occasional basis. The consequences of poor application performance cited by survey respondents included revenue impact (67 per cent), reduced user productivity (77 per cent), and negative customer experience (79 per cent).

The report also highlights how IT struggles to address cloud application performance issues.
• 29 per cent of respondents said they had poor visibility into network performance
• 21 per cent said they had poor visibility into application performance, and
• 41 per cent reported difficulty troubleshooting performance issues once they were aware of problems.

The borderless enterprise strategy helps IT leaders demonstrate business value
Fluke Networks’ suite of products that help IT identify performance and user experience issues across a wide range of devices, applications, locations and cloud providers include:
Visual TruView – a unified network and application performance monitoring appliance that helps IT quickly identify and solve issues across client, network, service and applications by incorporating five tools in one
OptiView XG – a rugged, portable tablet for network engineers that combines wired and wireless network analysis to troubleshoot issues and assess network quality for VoIP/Video/UC deployments
OneTouch AT 10G Network Assistant – an automated handheld tester for network technicians that troubleshoots 10-Gigabit data centres and validates connectivity, service availability and path performance
AirMagnet – a comprehensive suite of products that address wireless network design, analysis and security, including intrusion prevention, wireless health assessment and remote troubleshooting
TruView Live – a SaaS offering that delivers enterprise-grade cloud application monitoring in real time to ensure service availability and performance


Notes to editors
The Borderless Enterprise
IT organisations increasingly grapple with effective network and application management, due to several trends that diminish their visibility into and control over their company’s application delivery infrastructure, particularly if it includes both on-premise and cloud services. Cloud computing (especially SaaS), BYOD, mobile users, unified communications and so-called shadow IT in the enterprise add complexity to network and application management. Fluke Networks developed its borderless enterprise strategy to mitigate the negative impact and equip IT leaders with the insight they need.

Every company is a digital company
The challenges of the borderless enterprise come at a time when companies are more dependent than ever on innovative digital technologies to achieve business goals, whether technologies reside inside or outside corporate borders. Recent research from independent analyst firm IDC shows that CEOs expect their CIOs to drive significant digital transformation within the enterprise, while still maintaining the traditional IT infrastructure.

At the same time, end users have higher expectations. They demand responsive application performance, whether applications reside in the cloud or on premise, whether they are employees working in the office or remotely, or customers using personal or business devices. In today’s typically fragmented IT organisation, accountability and ownership for user experience is unclear. Helpdesk personnel and business application owners may be able to assist with training, application troubleshooting or device tips, but they are not typically held accountable for line-of-business cloud applications and don’t have a view that enables them to find and resolve performance issues.

About Fluke Networks
Fluke Networks is the world-leading provider of network performance monitoring and diagnostics solutions designed to streamline issue resolution and ensure an optimal end-user experience—even in today’s borderless enterprise. Leading organisations worldwide trust Fluke Networks to help solve their toughest issues and emerging challenges in WLAN security, SaaS, mobility, unified communications and data centres. Based in Everett, Wash., the company distributes products in more than 50 countries. For more information, visit

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