UXC Keystone launches KeySite to transform service management in organisations

UXC Keystone LogoFebruary 29, 2016 – UXC Keystone has launched KeySite, a new portal designed to transform service management in organisations.

KeySite is a self-service platform, based on ServiceNow, that lets employees solve their own IT queries rather than having to contact the service desk. It offers a modern web experience that reflects consumer-focused apps. With simple language, vibrant use of colour, and a clean layout, users can quickly see and access the information that is relevant to them making service management efficient, fast, and structured, and freeing up the IT team to add strategic value.

Neil McKinnon, CEO, UXC Keystone, said, “Too many businesses implement self-service applications that don’t deliver value because staff won’t use them. Employees expect the same experience from enterprise apps as they get from consumer apps at home. They want an intuitive, attractive layout that makes it simple for them to get the information they need, fast.

“A ServiceNow implementation, for example, should let a company’s IT team spend more time delivering innovative business solutions and less time looking after infrastructure. It automates the service management process, increasing efficiency and lowering costs, by giving organisations full visibility into processes and infrastructure through a single system of record for IT.

“Businesses can’t realise these benefits without creating an interface that makes employees want to use the system. Therefore, organisations need to modify their enterprise apps to deliver the experience that end users are demanding. KeySite delivers this user experience, letting companies achieve the full potential of their ServiceNow implementations.”

KeySite makes core ServiceNow features easily accessible, such as service catalogue, knowledge base, incident reporting, and status checking. Its responsive design means it adjusts to whether the user is using a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer, making it perfect for a mobile workforce.

Neil McKinnon said, “KeySite reflects best practices and is delivered as a ready-to-go, fully-functional portal that is tailored to the customer’s business, including branding. Usually, one-off customisations come at a significant cost. With KeySite, UXC Keystone delivers a tested, robust platform that is pre-configured to reduce upfront costs.

“Organisations looking to rapidly drive end user adoption should consider KeySite. For example, one of UXC Keystone’s early adopters of the solution increased end user adoption from 12 per cent of their customer base to 59 per cent within 60 days of implementation.”


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