Empired partners with the Royal Automobile Association of South Australia to rev up their member and customer experience

Empired LogoThe Royal Automobile Association of South Australia (RAA) has selected Empired as their primary partner to build a new digital platform to help RAA deliver on their digital transformation strategy.  Empired will develop a responsive and flexible platform that will enable RAA to grow and provide a high value and contemporary online experience to its existing membership and potential customer base.

Earlier this year Empired completed a Digital Roadmap exercise that helped RAA understand the necessary investment required over the next three years to deliver on their digital transformation strategy. RAA has now committed to a three year program of work to deliver on this strategy.

A major objective of this strategy is for Empired to develop a new platform based on the Sitecore® Experience Platform™ and Microsoft’s Azure cloud service.  This new platform will help RAA drive improved customer engagement and satisfaction, utility, and transactional capability. The implementation of this platform will also help RAA boost member and customer engagement through the personalisation of their digital experience and maintain and accelerate RAA’s membership acquisition.

Tim Kelly, Client Executive, Empired, said, “Empired is thrilled to be selected as RAA’s primary partner in helping them drive their digital transformation strategy. We look forward to working with RAA by leveraging our national digital capability to help them drive member engagement, retention or acquisition and deliver a competitive advantage to RAA in the growing digital market place.

Empired is also committed to extending our highly successful partnership with RAA beyond this program of work by offering our global IT services capability as they continue to grow their digital presence.”

Mike Walters, RAA’s Group Information Officer said, “RAA is well known for providing exceptional service to our members on the road, or in our shops or from call centres. Transitioning to a new digital platform will also allow us provide best practice, customer-centric, personalised and seamless services in the digital environment.

“We chose Empired because we believe they have the right mix of skills and culture to help us.”

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