Ixia’s BreakingPoint Cloud helps organisations validate end-to-end network security across all cloud environments

Sydney, Australia– Ixia, a Keysight Business and leading provider of network testing, visibility, and security solutions, announced BreakingPoint Cloud, a software as a service (SaaS) solution that safely models data breaches and threat vectors to deliver quantifiable evidence and immediate insight into the effectiveness of cloud-based data and application security, whether private, public, or hybrid.

Enterprises continue to move workloads to the cloud, while implementing a hybrid enterprise model in the interim. While the cloud offers unprecedented flexibility, it also expands the network perimeter and attack surface. Data is being sent to the cloud, worked on in the cloud, and stored in the cloud, and according to Forbes, cloud applications will account for 90 percent of worldwide mobile data traffic by 2019[1].  However, in a recent survey commissioned by Ixia, over 90 percent of respondents were concerned about data and application security in public clouds, while nearly 60 percent of respondents reported that public cloud environments make it more difficult to obtain visibility into data traffic[2].

“Enterprises need to leverage the cloud for a variety of good business reasons, but they want to know their data and applications are safe and secure,” stated Sunil Kalidindi, vice president of product management at Ixia, a Keysight Business.  “BreakingPoint Cloud is a proactive, risk assessment solution for public cloud and on-premise and hybrid networks that uses data-driven evidence to help customers ensure that their security controls are continuously working at optimum capacity, and can mitigate the latest breaches.”

BreakingPoint Cloud helps organisations optimise their security processes and procedures to “detect, react, and improve,” with realistic attack simulations that enable customers to take a proactive approach to data and application security, while enhancing the skillset of security personnel and streamlining processes for improved efficiency. The BreakingPoint Cloud platform is built to go beyond simulating non-volumetric attacks, enabling customers to validate DDoS mitigation solutions as well.

Powered by a high assurance threat intelligence feed provided Ixia’s Application Threat Intelligence (ATI) Research Center, BreakingPoint Cloud delivers the actionable intelligence needed to help eliminate security misconfigurations, understand the impact of a new risk before it happens, and provide evidence to support security audits.

Ixia’s ATI Research Center has been performing advanced security research for well over a decade, providing intelligence updates to customers around the globe. BreakingPoint Cloud leverages this network testing experience to assess the effectiveness of hybrid IT security.

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