Micro Focus introduces File Analysis Suite to reduce risk associated with global data privacy regulations

New SaaS cloud service lowers cost of compliance and provides competitive advantage with content analysis, contextual analytics and personal data discovery across mission critical repositories

Micro Focus (LSE: MCRO; NYSE: MFGP) has announced the release of Micro Focus File Analysis Suiteoffering IT administrators comprehensive data lifecycle management solution for identifying, managing and securing sensitive information across the enterpriseAs organisations implement protocols to meet national and international data regulations, the Micro Focus File Analysis Suite lowers the total cost of compliance, reduces risk and provides analytical insight and value across high-value and sensitive data assets. 

Rick Carlson, vice president, information management and governance solutions at Micro Focus, said, With Micro Focus File Analysis Suite customers no longer need to choose between traditional platforms that are limited to only offering storage optimisation or data access and governance. said Featuring tools that combine detailed information analysis and insight with extensive risk assessment tools our unified solution lowers the total cost of compliance, reduces risk and provides analytical insight and value that creates competitive advantage.”  

Organisations employing Micro Focus File Analysis can automatically take action on sensitive data content, current and legacy text files, and can be assured of complete content analysis, indexing, and reporting of file information and metadata in context.  

By providing identity and access governance, complete data visibility mappingand actionable analytics to optimise server efficiency and data qualityMicro Focus File Analysis Suite ensures data lifecycle management and data access governance for a unified approach to  mitigating the risk associated with managing sensitive data. 

New data discovery features and capabilities within the File Analysis Suite include 

  • governance and compliance: Deep data discovery, data classification, audit trails, and analysis to evaluate, detect and govern sensitive/high-value information and optimisation associated IT systems and infrastructure. 
  • sensitive data analytics: Automated tagging, and metadata enrichment with pre-built sensitive data analytics and pattern matching in support of GDPR, CCPA, PIPEDA, POPI, KVKK, as well as, PCI, and PHI. 
  • risk mitigation: Develop custom policies and controls to monitor, remediate and proactively manage identities and data access across critical data repositories. 
  • Research WorkspacesCreate and collaborate around sensitive data within Workspaces to conduct deeper analysis, identify additional data setsand review of sensitive data. 
  • Data Subject AnalysisLeverage pre-built templates designed to assist in reporting and responding to consumer and Data Subject Access Requests. 
  • data management: Remediation actions to be applied to selected files without the need for moving or copying the data from its source (e.g., collect, hold, delete).  
  • Search and eDiscoveryAnalyse, tag and manage high-value assets (e.g. contracts, intellectual property, patents etc.) and sensitive personal data (e.g. PI/ PII, PCI, PHI etc.) across unstructured data including files, email, business records, structured data, images, and rich media. 

Organisations that are able to gain a deeper understanding of where sensitive and high value data reside are better equipped to protect and secure that data to remain in compliance. Siloed tools cannot address the data governance and security challenges many organisations must overcome. As a complete end-to-end data lifecycle management solution, File Analysis Suite is just one of the ways Micro Focus helps customers bridge existing and emerging technologies in the race for digital transformation. 

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Micro Focus File Analysis Suite is available to customers worldwide for trial or purchase.  

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