Konica Minolta selects artist for its first Reconciliation Action Plan

During a NAIDOC Week webinar held for employees, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Australia (Konica Minolta Australia) announced the artist and revealed the artwork selected for the design of its first ever Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) 

Konica Minolta Australia launched its RAP taskforce made up of committed representatives from its 500-strong workforce during Reconciliation Week in June 2020. The taskforce is charged with driving work in this area and will publish its first RAP later this year. 

Konica Minolta was looking for an artwork that reflected the business and its vision, and the caring and collaborative culture of the organisationto integrate into the design of its first RAP. 

Jasmine Sarina proud Kamilaroi and Jerringa woman from NSW, was chosen for her beautiful and dynamic artworkTransient – Part 1, which is part of a graphic artwork series that Jasmine created in 2018 to depict the way people move and connect through the various technological landscapes of our daily environment. It symbolises Konica Minolta’s visual commitment towards reconciliation. 

Jasmine is a self-taught visual artist and graphic designer. Her artwork tells the story of her experiences growing up and her ongoing journey in this world.  

Jasmine’s work appealed to Konica Minolta because of the natural colours and networking themes in her work as well as Jasmine’s philosophy of bringing contemporary methods and concepts to the oldest culture on earth.  

Yohei Konaka, Chairman and Managing Director, Konica Minolta Australia, said, “At Konica Minolta, creating value for customers and society is at the core of our philosophy and I am pleased that we are now formalising our commitment to reconciliation. This is a natural extension of Konica Minolta’s work and commitment to equality and creating opportunities for employees, customers, and the society in which we operate through our many diversity and inclusion initiatives.  

Transient – Part 1 is a reflection of Konica Minolta Australia ‘giving shape’ to its commitment to reconciliation. We are all very excited about the opportunity to work together closely to explore the creative possibilities of combining Konica Minolta’s innovative layering print technologies with Jasmine’s cultural influences, creativity and vision.  

Konica Minolta is committed to acting as a business to contribute to the reconciliation journey between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and all other people in the community, to help improve life outcomes and opportunities and to create a better future for society at large. Konica Minolta has a deep commitment to respecting human rights and, in 2018, was awarded the Australian Human Rights Commission Human Rights Business Award. 


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