Konica Minolta Australia signs partnership with Kirra Services

Konica Minolta Business Solutions Australia (Konica Minolta Australia) has signed a partnership with Kirra Services, which will see Kirra Services resell Konica Minolta Australia’printing and document management solutions, bridging a gap in Kirra Services offering to the government sector. 

Established in 2017, Kirra Services is a majority-owned and Supply Nation-certified Indigenous information technology service provider. Supply Nation is an organisation that provides First Nations businesses with tender opportunities through a nationwide directory, as well as help, support and training resources designed specifically for First Nations businesses.  

Brad Nagle, founder and managing director, Kirra Services, said, “Kirra Services identified a need to be able to deliver printing and document services. After speaking with the team at Konica Minolta Australia, it was obvious that it was the right partner for Kirra Services to round out our portfolio. For government organisations that Kirra Services works with, it means we can extend our current offering and bring more to the table in terms of potential new contracts. Currently, Kirra Services is positioning the solutions as part of government tenders with Konica Minolta Australia providing the ongoing service and support; however, Kirra Services is exploring other opportunities with Konica Minolta Australia as well.” 

“Kirra Services’ mission, and Konica Minolta Australia’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) program, means that we can also work together beyond the traditional vendor-partner relationship. We are currently collaborating to establish a trainee program for First Nations candidates to learn how to service the printers. It’s important for Kirra Services, as a Supply Nation business, to align with other organisations that have a similar mission. We look forward to exploring and evolving our relationship with Konica Minolta Australia into the future.” 

Viraj Meena, national manager – partnership development, Konica Minolta Australia, said, “Part of Konica Minolta Australia’s growth strategy is around attracting new partners, particularly in the IT services space, and in key verticals such as government. Both the business opportunity and the cultural alignment with Kirra Services made it a great fit.” 

About Konica Minolta Australia    

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