Security experts and CompTIA produce Security Tech Tools video series

CompTIA Logo Educational videos on critical cybersecurity topics relevant to any organisation have been produced by a group of security experts and leading members of CompTIA, the nonprofit association for the technology industry announced today.

The Security Tech Tools Videos were developed by the CompTIA IT Security Community, a group of experts and leaders in the IT security field collectively committed to developing security-specific best practices, education programs and industry standards.

“So many resources are devoted to security by technology solution providers and so much money is spent on security readiness by organisations, yet there is a gap in understanding what it all means,” said Chris Johnson, co-founder and CEO, Untangled Solutions, and chairman of the CompTIA IT Security Community. “These candid conversations with experts in the field will help anyone getting into security, or anyone struggling to understand these security concepts.”

Tutorials are available on eight security tools: password and identity management, backup data and recovery, encryption, advanced firewall and unified threat management, intrusion prevention systems and intrusion detection systems, Internet content filtering, policies and compliance and anti-malware, anti-virus and anti-spyware solutions.

“There is a real need to help break down the mystery around these critical security areas so customers can understand their importance and security solution providers can engage their clients in a conversation about how to best protect their business,” said Ron Culler, chief technology officer, Secure Designs, and vice chair of the IT Security Community.

“Business goes better, and security definitely works better, when all parties to a transaction share a common understanding of the functions and capabilities of the products and services being pitched and purchased,” said Stephen Cobb, senior security researcher, ESET, who is featured in the video on anti-malware.

Lawrence Schweitzer, president of CMIT Solutions of East and West Nassau, said technology professionals will find the educational series just as valuable as the customers they’re serving.

“These videos are a way to connect with other security experts in the trenches, proposing and providing solutions for customers,” said Schweitzer, who speaks on backup data and recovery and business continuity in the series. “We don’t know everything, and if get even one nugget of useful information to help us, it’s worth watching the videos.”

“Both solution providers and customers need to understand what is involved in securing their businesses, what tools are out there and how they can help with security,” concluded Andrew Bagrin, CEO and founder, My Digital Shield. “Security is a continued learning state of mind. If we stopped learning at firewalls, we would be far behind right now. These videos will put our industry as a whole, a giant step in the right direction.”
The videos build on work done previously by the CompTIA IT Security Community to create an IT Security Assessment Wizard. It’s a web-based tool that security solution providers can use to document existing hardware, policies and security tools used by current and potential customers; and to identify the risks and benefits of other security tools they might use.

CompTIA is at the forefront of cybersecurity protections, with best practices for organisations; research and educational materials on the latest security trends and topics; skills certifications for technology workers; and CompTIA CyberSecure™, an innovative training course for employees on the cybersecurity best practices that are vital to protecting a business.

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