Teradata grows international footprint, adds new features to IntelliCloud, its as-a-service offering for analytics at scale

SYDNEY –  May 29, 2018 Teradata (NYSE: TDC), the leading cloud-based data and analytics company, announced that Teradata IntelliCloud, its as-a-service offering for analytics at scale, is now being offered with flexible deployment options in Australia. The IntelliCloud service enhancements give customers using the platform increased flexibility and greater control over their enterprise analytics. Together, these updates offer customers around the globe the ability to re-focus in-house resources on business value and actionable insights, rather than on infrastructure, ensuring they receive full value from their analytic investments.

“Teradata is committed to providing its customers the fastest path to secure, scalable analytics in the cloud. In today’s data-fueled world, there is tremendous pressure to move quickly to subscription-based consumption, and enterprises with limited time and talent are struggling to acquire insights from their exploding data sources, volumes and types,” said Peter Mikkelsen, Executive Vice President International at Teradata. “We launched IntelliCloud to meet this need because no other company could create an as-a-service offering that delivers the speed, security and flexibility required for today’s massive and sophisticated enterprise analytic workloads.

International Expansion

New options for companies interested in consuming Teradata IntelliCloud’s high-performance, high-availability analytics platform as-a-service include Teradata IntelliCloud for AWS in the Amazon Web Services regions of Tokyo and Sydney, and Teradata IntelliCloud for Azure in the Microsoft Azure region of New South Wales and Victoria.

In total, deployment options for Teradata IntelliCloud now include:

  • AWS: Americas (United States and Canada), Europe (Ireland, London and Frankfurt) and Asia Pacific (Sydney and Tokyo).
  • Microsoft Azure: Americas (United States and Canada), Europe (United Kingdom, Ireland and Netherlands) and Asia Pacific (Australia)
  • Teradata Cloud: United States (U.S. East and U.S. West data centres)

IntelliCloud Enhancements

In addition to a significant increase in both deployment flexibility and international reach, Teradata is also launching several IntelliCloud enhancements:

  • Application Ecosystem for IntelliCloud enables customers to bring their own analytic ecosystem software applications (such as Teradata ecosystem applications, business intelligence or data integration applications, and various tools) and deploy them in the same environment as their IntelliCloud system. As a result, customers can create a best-fit architecture to run ecosystem workloads where they perform best, while maintaining security and low-latency performance between applications
  • IntelliCloud Management Console provides customers with easy-to-use management and operation of their IntelliCloud account, and now enables customers to view the status of all their IntelliCloud systems in one location, monitor and manage their IntelliCloud resources, scale compute capacity up and down at the click of a button, stop and start resources for cost optimisation, modify system backup schedules and more.

IntelliCloud subscriptions are available today.

About Teradata

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