Konica Minolta announces partnership with UiPath to bring robotic process automation to Australian customers

Konica Minolta Australia, market-leading provider of integrated solutions and managed services, has announced a partnership with UiPath, the leading enterprise robotic process automation (RPA) software company, to bring its solution to customers in the region for new levels of efficiency and performance to open up new revenue streams and improve customer experience.

UiPath is leading the automation-first era, championing one robot for every person, delivering free and open training and collaboration, and letting robots learn new skills through artificial intelligence (AI) and its subset, machine learning. Led by a commitment to bring digital-era skills to more than a million people, the company’s enterprise RPA platform has already automated millions of repetitive, mind-numbing tasks for business and government organisations all over the world, improving productivity, customer experience, and employee job satisfaction.

In contrast to other, traditional IT solutions, RPA lets organisations automate at a fraction of the cost and time previously encountered. RPA is also non-intrusive in nature and leverages the existing infrastructure without causing disruption to underlying systems, which would be difficult and costly to replace. With RPA, cost efficiency and compliance are no longer an operating cost but a byproduct of the automation. RPA delivers direct profitability while improving accuracy across organisations.

Eric Holtsmark, general manager – strategy, transformation and technology, Konica Minolta Australia, said, “Konica Minolta Australia’s partnership with UiPath will provide customers with a powerful combination of tools and services to tackle business process opportunities, scaling from automation of repetitive and time-consuming procedures right through to full-scale transformation of end-to-end processes. This lets people focus on the more creative and complex problems facing the organisation.

“Konica Minolta Australia’s highly-skilled professional services staff work closely with clients to deliver a range of RPA services including strategy development, design, and technical development, project management, implementation, and support and maintenance.”

To learn more about UiPath, please visit www.uipath.com.


About Konica Minolta
Konica Minolta Business Solutions Australia Pty Ltd is a market-leading provider of integrated solutions and managed services with the power to transform business environments.

A global leader in the provision of multifunction printers, digital print presses, industrial print products, 3D printers, robotics and enterprise content management, Konica Minolta works with organisations large and small to improve productivity, reduce costs, increase security and achieve sustainability outcomes.

Headquartered in Sydney, Konica Minolta Australia delivers expert professional services with experienced and responsive client support, in addition to the world-class service provided through its extensive network of direct sales offices and authorised dealers.

Striving to create new value for customers, our vision is to be a global company that is vital to society, and one that is innovative, robust and constantly evolving. Konica Minolta was awarded the Human Rights Award 2018, for showing leadership in human rights in business.

For more information visit: konicaminolta.com.au/home

Konica Minolta announces partnership with Markforged to equip Australia with next-generation tools to manufacture the factories of the future.

With an already impressive range of 3D Systems’ printers in its portfolio Konica Minolta Australia, a leading supplier of 3D printing equipment and services in Australia, has announced a partnership with Markforged, a leading provider of atomic diffusion metal printers and composite carbon fibre 3D printers. This rounds out an impressive portfolio that lets Konica Minolta address any industry application requirements and budget.

Markforged offers an end-to-end 3D printing system with a wide range of manufacturing-ready materials. The Markforged solutions rival traditional manufacturing processes in speed, quality, and cost, and expand the applications for additive manufacturing with purpose-built industrial technologies.

In today’s global market, Australian manufacturers and designers are rapidly becoming leaders with the next generation of additive technologies. They’re bringing composite and metal materials to market that are easy to implement and operate and are backed up by uncompromising service and support.

Eric Holtsmark, general manager – strategy, transformation and technology, Konica Minolta Australia, said, “There is now a real shift in the industry from prototyping to end-use applications. With Markforged 3D printers the ability to produce affordable, strong parts in a range of exciting new materials will accelerate manufacturers speed-to-market in way never seen before, giving them a massive competitive advantage.”

Adding Markforged to Konica Minolta’s 3D line-up extends its industry-leading capability in delivering high-performance, advanced 3D printing solutions to Australian innovators in many industries including: manufacturing, aerospace, engineering, automotive, medical, and universities. These industries will have unprecedented access to both groundbreaking technology and essential fundamental infrastructure.

Ved Narayan, Vice President, APAC, Markforged, said, “We’re thrilled to be partnering with Konica Minolta to provide Australian manufacturers with the essential tools to unlock their manufacturing potential and to help build the factory of the future. Konica Minolta has the experience and skills to help Markforged provide unprecedented levels of access and support to the world’s leading manufacturing providers.”


About Markforged
Markforged transforms manufacturing with revolutionary metal and carbon fibre 3D printers that produce parts tough enough for end use in automotive, oil and gas, aerospace, and in the harshest of factory environments. Engineers, designers, and manufacturing professionals all over the world rely on Markforged metal and composite printers for tooling, fixtures, functional prototyping, and high-value end-use production. Founded in 2013 and based in Watertown, MA, Markforged has over 300 employees globally, with $137 million in both strategic and venture capital. Markforged was recently recognised by Forbes in the Next Billion-Dollar Start-ups list, and is listed as the tenth fastest-growing tech company in the US in the 2018 Deloitte Fast 500. To learn more about Markforged, please visit https://markforged.com.

About Konica Minolta
Konica Minolta Business Solutions Australia Pty Ltd is a market-leading provider of integrated solutions and managed services with the power to transform business environments.

A global leader in the provision of multifunction printers, digital print presses, industrial print products, 3D printers, robotics and enterprise content management, Konica Minolta works with organisations large and small to improve productivity, reduce costs, increase security and achieve sustainability outcomes.

Headquartered in Sydney, Konica Minolta Australia delivers expert professional services with experienced and responsive client support, in addition to the world-class service provided through its extensive network of direct sales offices and authorised dealers.

Striving to create new value for customers, our vision is to be a global company that is vital to society, and one that is innovative, robust and constantly evolving. Konica Minolta was awarded the Human Rights Award 2018, for showing leadership in human rights in business.

For more information visit: konicaminolta.com.au/home

Konica Minolta continues support for Breast Cancer Network Australia

Konica Minolta LogoKonica Minolta Australia has reaffirmed its ongoing partnership with Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA) through sponsorship of the 2016 Pink Lady luncheon series across Australia.

The BCNA Pink Lady luncheon series provides an opportunity to support Australians affected by breast cancer, and is held in conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October) and Secondary Breast Cancer Awareness Day (13 October). The series is the charity’s largest annual fundraiser.

Speakers at this year’s luncheons include former Governor-General of Australia, The Honourable Dame Quentin Bryce AD, CVO, and former NSW Treasurer, The Honourable Nick Greiner AC. Nick Greiner, a breast cancer survivor, will be a speaker at the Sydney event.

Konica Minolta Australia is proud of its ongoing partnership with BCNA, which began in 2011. In that time, as part of its corporate social responsibility program, Konica Minolta Australia has given employees the opportunity to volunteer with the charity. In addition, it has also donated equipment for printing done within BCNA.

Dr David Cooke, managing director, Konica Minolta Australia, said, “BCNA provides tremendous support for Australians’ affected by breast cancer.  As one of our first foundation charity partners we are proud to provide ongoing support as BCNA and the Pink Lady luncheons go from strength to strength.”

For many Konica Minolta employees, the connection with BCNA is personal. Internal fundraisers for the charity regularly occur, with speakers attending from BCNA that are in breast cancer remission. They inspire employees and help increase understanding of how to support their family or friends that may be diagnosed or are undergoing treatment for breast cancer.

Dr David Cooke said, “We are passionate about giving back to the communities in which our business operates. BCNA’s organisational values of energy, openness, caring, connection, and resilience are closely aligned with Konica Minolta’s own company vision and culture. The partnership with BCNA helps us live out these values whilst providing much needed financial support to an organisation and its people, who work tirelessly to empower those in difficult or vulnerable stages of their lives. For example the free and confidential one-on-one counselling support BCNA offers to women and men with secondary breast cancer, and their families is vital.”

Breast cancer is the most common cancer affecting Australian women. In 2016, it is estimated that 15,934 women and 150 men will be diagnosed with the disease, many of whom rely on organisations like BCNA to provide support as they undergo treatment.[1]

To attend a luncheon in your nearest capital city please visit – https://www.bcna.org.au/news-events/events/pink-lady-luncheon-series/ or call 1800 500 238.

[1] https://www.bcna.org.au/understanding-breast-cancer/

Empired partners with the Royal Automobile Association of South Australia to rev up their member and customer experience

Empired LogoThe Royal Automobile Association of South Australia (RAA) has selected Empired as their primary partner to build a new digital platform to help RAA deliver on their digital transformation strategy.  Empired will develop a responsive and flexible platform that will enable RAA to grow and provide a high value and contemporary online experience to its existing membership and potential customer base.

Earlier this year Empired completed a Digital Roadmap exercise that helped RAA understand the necessary investment required over the next three years to deliver on their digital transformation strategy. RAA has now committed to a three year program of work to deliver on this strategy.

A major objective of this strategy is for Empired to develop a new platform based on the Sitecore® Experience Platform™ and Microsoft’s Azure cloud service.  This new platform will help RAA drive improved customer engagement and satisfaction, utility, and transactional capability. The implementation of this platform will also help RAA boost member and customer engagement through the personalisation of their digital experience and maintain and accelerate RAA’s membership acquisition.

Tim Kelly, Client Executive, Empired, said, “Empired is thrilled to be selected as RAA’s primary partner in helping them drive their digital transformation strategy. We look forward to working with RAA by leveraging our national digital capability to help them drive member engagement, retention or acquisition and deliver a competitive advantage to RAA in the growing digital market place.

Empired is also committed to extending our highly successful partnership with RAA beyond this program of work by offering our global IT services capability as they continue to grow their digital presence.”

Mike Walters, RAA’s Group Information Officer said, “RAA is well known for providing exceptional service to our members on the road, or in our shops or from call centres. Transitioning to a new digital platform will also allow us provide best practice, customer-centric, personalised and seamless services in the digital environment.

“We chose Empired because we believe they have the right mix of skills and culture to help us.”

– Ends –

 About Empired Limited

Empired limited is an IT Services provider with a broad range of capabilities targeted at delivering enterprise IT solutions that improve efficiency, productivity and competitive advantage for our clients.

Our clients are medium to large corporate and government organisations within key industries including Energy and Natural Resources, State and Federal Government, Finance and Insurance, Utilities and Transport.

We offer a broad range of services from managed services to digital transformation.  Together they provide a breadth of service and expertise not seen in other consultancies of similar pedigree allowing Empired to deliver ‘end to end’ business solutions that assist our customers in driving their key business outcomes.

With a team of over 900 people located throughout Australia, New Zealand and North America, Empired has built a reputation for service excellence.  This combined with our strategy that is underpinned by initiative, innovation and growth ensures that in a dynamic and rapidly growing technology market place, Empired is strongly positioned to capture market share and continue to build on its success.

Synnex partners with Razer to deliver peripheral gaming products in Australia

Synnex Australia Pty Ltd, an Asia-Pacific IT distribution company, has announced a distribution agreement with Razer, a world leader in connected devices and software for gamers.

As part of the agreement, Synnex will distribute Razer’s gaming products, including keyboards, audio products, mice, controllers, mouse mats, and accessories in Australia.

Jay Ko, product director, Synnex Australia and New Zealand, said, “Gaming is one of the largest segments in the global entertainment industry, forecasted to be worth $22.52bn by 2020.[1] The innovation within the industry shows that strong growth will continue for many years to come.

“Razer is a well-recognised brand for Australian gamers. Synnex looks forward to working with Razer to ensure broader availability of the latest Razer peripherals through a well-planned distribution strategy.”

“Razer is fully committed to the gaming market in Australia and will continue to invest heavily,” says Mike Dilmagani, Razer SVP, sales and marketing. “We are confident that Synnex is the right partner to help ensure that our Australian Razer fans receive the latest technology we have to offer at the best possible value.

“With Synnex, we now have a more streamlined process and a closer relationship with the retailers, which means our fans can also find the newest Razer products they want on retail shelves in a much timelier fashion.”


 About Synnex

Synnex Australia Pty Ltd is the largest ICT distributor in the Australian market, providing quality branded computer, IT devices, telecom products, servers, components, peripherals, imaging and printing, consumables, networking, storage, software, enterprise solutions, volume licensing, and cloud services. Synnex Australia is a world-class leader in ICT distribution. Through established strategic partnerships with leading ICT manufacturers, Synnex is dedicated to offering customers a wide range of products and solutions backed by comprehensive infrastructure, knowledgeable support, competitive pricing, and superior services. Synnex Australia Pty Ltd is a division of Synnex Technology International Corporation, the largest IT distribution company in the Asia Pacific region and ranked third-largest worldwide. In Australia, Synnex services more than 8,000 resellers, all business types in the IT industry businesses including SME Resellers, System Integrators, Computer Retailers, Original Equipment Manufacturers, Corporate Retailers, National Retailers, and VARs.

For more information on Synnex, please visit www.synnex.com.au.

About Razer:

Razer™ is a world leader in connected devices and software for gamers. Razer is transforming the way people play games, engage with other gamers and identify with the gamer lifestyle. Having won the coveted “Best of CES” award consecutively for six years, the company’s leadership in product innovation continues to create new categories for the gaming community that is estimated to have over 1 billion gamers worldwide. Razer’s award-winning design and technology include an array of user interface and systems devices, voice-over IP for gamers and a cloud platform for customizing and enhancing gaming devices. Founded in 2005, Razer is backed by Intel Capital, IDG-Accel and Heliconia Capital Management (Heliconia), a wholly owned subsidiary of Singapore investment company Temasek. For more information, visit http://www.razerzone.com/about-razer.

[1] http://www.pwc.com/gx/en/industries/entertainment-media/outlook/data-insights.html

Microsoft and Red Hat to deliver new standard for enterprise cloud experiences

Redhat LogoSydney, Australia — Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq “MSFT”) and Red Hat Inc. (NYSE: RHT) announced a partnership that will help customers embrace hybrid cloud computing by providing greater choice and flexibility deploying Red Hat solutions on Microsoft Azure. As a key component of today’s announcement, Microsoft is offering Red Hat Enterprise Linux as the preferred choice for enterprise Linux workloads on Microsoft Azure. In addition, Microsoft and Red Hat are also working together to address common enterprise, ISV and developer needs for building, deploying and managing applications on Red Hat software across private and public clouds.

Key elements of the partnership include the following:

· Red Hat solutions available natively to Microsoft Azure customers. In the coming weeks, Microsoft Azure will become a Red Hat Certified Cloud and Service Provider, enabling customers to run their Red Hat Enterprise Linux applications and workloads on Microsoft Azure. Red Hat Cloud Access subscribers will be able to bring their own virtual machine images to run in Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure customers can also take advantage of the full value of Red Hat’s application platform, including Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, Red Hat JBoss Web Server, Red Hat Gluster Storage and OpenShift, Red Hat’s platform-as-a-service offering. In the coming months, Microsoft and Red Hat plan to provide Red Hat On-Demand — “pay-as-you-go” Red Hat Enterprise Linux images available in the Azure Marketplace, supported by Red Hat.

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Red Hat and Wipro extend partnership, collaborate to advance enterprise OpenStack implementations, deliver DevOps solutions with OpenShift

Redhat LogoSydney, Australia – Wipro Ltd. (NYSE:WIT), a leading global Information Technology, Consulting and Business Process Services company and Red Hat, Inc. (NYSE: RHT), the world’s leading provider of open source solutions, announce the global expansion of their alliance to accelerate the deployment of open hybrid cloud solutions. As part of the expanded collaboration, Red Hat and Wipro will work together to develop and deliver enterprise-grade cloud solutions to the market, and will also jointly deliver next-generation DevOps solutions for continuous integration and testing.

Wipro’s relationship with Red Hat dates back to 2006 when they became a Red Hat Ready Business Partner focusing on customer adoption and implementation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. In 2010, Wipro and Red Hat announced further collaboration, making Wipro a Red Hat premier partner. As part of this most recent alliance expansion, Wipro becomes a premier, global systems integrator for Red Hat. With the expansion, Wipro’s open source infrastructure solution stack now includes Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, Red Hat Satellite, Red Hat CloudForms, Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform, and OpenShift.

Additionally, to support global adoption of OpenStack and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Red Hat and Wipro are collaborating to bring solutions for private, public and hybrid clouds to their existing enterprise and telecom customers. After piloting separately, they are now combining their efforts and knowledge around configuration, deployment, and management of OpenStack private clouds. As part of the solutions collaboration, Wipro has launched a demo-ready Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform environment in the Center of Excellence (CoE) at its Bangalore campus, enabling the companies to showcase their cloud solutions in a more robust, agile and varied manner.

Wipro’s Open Source Practice will design a joint go-to-market and cloud strategy for their clients. Wipro will also receive technical training and accreditation for open source through the Red Hat Online Partner Enablement (OPEN) program in order to deploy Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform, Red Hat CloudForms (Red Hat’s hybrid cloud management offering) and OpenShift (Red Hat’s award-winning Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering) in its Open Source Center of Excellence. This will qualify Wipro associates who successfully complete the program as accredited sales specialists, sales engineer specialists and services delivery specialists for both IaaS and PaaS.

Additionally, Red Hat intends to work with Wipro to expand the Wipro portfolio to include service virtualisation, release automation/continuous delivery and continuous validation. These OpenShift integrated solutions will be designed to help customers to optimise their application development and delivery processes. While the DevOps solutions utilising OpenShift can be used by customers as a standalone solution, the DevOps orchestrator, to be built by Wipro, will also integrated with the IaaS layer. This will enable automation and application portability ranging from on-premise, private cloud datacenters to the public cloud.

Supporting Quotes
Radhesh Balakrishnan, general manager, OpenStack, Red Hat
“The industry has recognised the potential of OpenStack to transform the cloud for enterprises and telecommunications service providers alike by providing an open alternative. Customers and partners around the globe are excited by its potential and are actively evaluating and planning deployments. We’re excited about working with Wipro to expand OpenStack’s reach, and helping to meet this growing interest through joint solutions built around Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform, and by combining our mutual OpenStack and cloud know-how.”

Ashesh Badani, vice president and general manager, OpenShift, Red Hat
“DevOps, and a new culture of collaboration between Development and Operations, is key for modern IT organisations. It goes beyond the culture change though, and requires the right set of tools that enable agility. The container-based approach driven by OpenShift makes both development and deployment of applications easier, helping to increase agility and create a true DevOps environment. By collaborating with Wipro, we’re aiming to help even more enterprise customers realise the many benefits DevOps can offer.”

Anuj Bhalla, vice president and global head of Systems Integration, Wipro Ltd.
“IT environment scenarios are evolving and merging on-premises and off-premises infrastructure set ups. With the advent of hybrid environment, we see a lot of synergy with Red Hat’s end to end offering that enables customers through the transformation journey of their IT landscape especially on the open stack based cloud initiatives. We are scaling new areas of Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform in our CoE to improve customer experiences.”

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About Red Hat, Inc.
Red Hat is the world’s leading provider of open source software solutions, using a community-powered approach to reliable and high-performing cloud, Linux, middleware, storage and virtualization technologies. Red Hat also offers award-winning support, training, and consulting services. As the connective hub in a global network of enterprises, partners, and open source communities, Red Hat helps create relevant, innovative technologies that liberate resources for growth and prepare customers for the future of IT. Learn more at http://www.redhat.com.

About Wipro Ltd.
Wipro Ltd. (NYSE:WIT) is a leading Information Technology, Consulting and Business Process Services company that delivers solutions to enable its clients do business better. Wipro delivers winning business outcomes through its deep industry experience and a 360 degree view of “Business through Technology” – helping clients create successful and adaptive businesses. A company recognized globally for its comprehensive portfolio of services, a practitioner’s approach to delivering innovation, and an organization wide commitment to sustainability, Wipro has a workforce of over 140,000, serving clients in 175+ cities across 6 continents. For more information, please visit www.wipro.com

Wipro’s Forward-looking and Cautionary Statements
Certain statements in this release concerning our future growth prospects are forward-looking statements, which involve a number of risks, and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those in such forward-looking statements. The risks and uncertainties relating to these statements include, but are not limited to, risks and uncertainties regarding fluctuations in our earnings, revenue and profits, our ability to generate and manage growth, intense competition in IT services, our ability to maintain our cost advantage, wage increases in India, our ability to attract and retain highly skilled professionals, time and cost overruns on fixed-price, fixed-time frame contracts, client concentration, restrictions on immigration, our ability to manage our international operations, reduced demand for technology in our key focus areas, disruptions in telecommunication networks, our ability to successfully complete and integrate potential acquisitions, liability for damages on our service contracts, the success of the companies in which we make strategic investments, withdrawal of fiscal governmental incentives, political instability, war, legal restrictions on raising capital or acquiring companies outside India, unauthorized use of our intellectual property, and general economic conditions affecting our business and industry. Additional risks that could affect our future operating results are more fully described in our filings with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. These filings are available at www.sec.gov. We may, from time to time, make additional written and oral forward-looking statements, including statements contained in the company’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission and our reports to shareholders. We do not undertake to update any forward-looking statement that may be made from time to time by us or on our behalf.

Red Hat’s Forward-Looking Statements
Certain statements contained in this press release may constitute “forward-looking statements” within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Forward-looking statements provide current expectations of future events based on certain assumptions and include any statement that does not directly relate to any historical or current fact. Actual results may differ materially from those indicated by such forward-looking statements as a result of various important factors, including: risks related to delays or reductions in information technology spending; the effects of industry consolidation; the ability of Red Hat (the “Company” or “our”) to compete effectively; the integration of acquisitions and the ability to market successfully acquired technologies and products; uncertainty and adverse results in litigation and related settlements; the inability to adequately protect Company intellectual property and the potential for infringement or breach of license claims of or relating to third party intellectual property; the ability to deliver and stimulate demand for new products and technological innovations on a timely basis; risks related to data and information security vulnerabilities; ineffective management of, and control over, the Company’s growth and international operations; fluctuations in exchange rates; and changes in and a dependence on key personnel, as well as other factors contained in our most recent Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q (copies of which may be accessed through the Securities and Exchange Commission’s website at http://www.sec.gov), including those found therein under the captions “Risk Factors” and “Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations”. In addition to these factors, actual future performance, outcomes, and results may differ materially because of more general factors including (without limitation) general industry and market conditions and growth rates, economic and political conditions, governmental and public policy changes and the impact of natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods. The forward-looking statements included in this press release represent the Company’s views as of the date of this press release and these views could change. However, while the Company may elect to update these forward-looking statements at some point in the future, the Company specifically disclaims any obligation to do so. These forward-looking statements should not be relied upon as representing the Company’s views as of any date subsequent to the date of this press release.


Red Hat and Red Hat Enterprise Linux are trademarks of Red Hat, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Linux® is the registered trademark of Linus Torvalds in the U.S. and other countries.The OpenStack mark is either a registered trademark/service mark or trademark/service mark of the OpenStack Foundation, in the United States and other countries, and is used with the OpenStack Foundation’s permission. We are not affiliated with, endorsed or sponsored by the OpenStack Foundation, or the OpenStack community. The use of the word “partnership” does not imply a legal partnership between Red Hat and any other company.


UXC signs Senetas partner agreement to deliver Australian data security solutions

UXC LogoApril 22, 2014UXC Limited today announced its partnership with Senetas as part of a strategic initiative to provide Australian government agencies, defence and large corporations with tailored data security solutions and services.

The partnership brings together the certified high-speed, defence-grade encryptors of Senetas with UXC’s end-to-end ICT offering of advisory, consulting, and network infrastructure services and makes this solution available to UXC’s Australian government and commercial customer base.

Senetas, an Australian public listed company (ASX: SEN), specialises in protecting data as it is transmitted across networks whilst retaining maximum network performance. Senetas products are the world’s only triple-certified encryptors of (Common Criteria (Australia and international), FIPS (US) and CAPS (UK) certification – for government and defence use) and protect much of the world’s most sensitive data.

Cris Nicolli, managing director, UXC, said, “It is often assumed that data networks are inherently safe, but as the list of organisations affected by cyber-attacks continues to grow, it is clear that no company is immune. Data networks are vulnerable to security breaches. To be protected from a data network breach, cyber-attack or innocent routing error, organisations need strong encryption products.

“We expect that our ability to offer an Australian developed and manufactured security solution will be a strong selling point for government and defence agencies as well as corporates across Australia. Our partnership with Senetas will complement and extend UXC’s position as a leader in network integration and as a trusted services provider to our customers that will further add to our reputation as innovating in collaboration with key partners.”

Senetas CEO, Andrew Wilson, said, “With the number of data network breaches on the rise, we’re encouraging both the business and government sectors to understand that the true cost of data breaches extends beyond regulatory penalties, and often includes financial losses, the damage to reputation and trust, and loss of intellectual property. Businesses must be proactive in protecting their customers’ data and aware that they will be held accountable when that data is compromised.”

“Maximising our local R&D is helping us meet the rapidly growing needs of new customers around the world and making encryption more cost effective and easier to implement than ever before. Our partnership with UXC will help provide businesses with a data security solution that will drive results in a secure, sophisticated environment,” said Andrew Wilson.

“This is another exciting opportunity for UXC and one that will provide increased prospects for both UXC and Senetas in the market. We look forward to building a more secure and protected environment for our customers.” said Cris Nicolli.


UXC Limited is an S&P/ASX 300 listed Australian business solutions company, and the largest Australian owned ICT consultancy firm.  UXC services medium to large entities in the private and public sectors across Australia and New Zealand.

UXC provides a range of unique, unmatched and formidable ICT Solutions in Consulting, Business Applications and Infrastructure that support our customers to plan & design, implement & enhance, and operate & manage their ICT requirements.

UXC strives to create simplicity and meaning in a complex world through the power of people and technology, by being the leading Tier 1 Australian IT Services and Solutions Company, delivering value, innovation and responsive business outcomes with excellent people.

Senetas is an Australian public listed company (ASX: SEN), specialising in high-speed data encryption – protecting network transmitted data whilst retaining maximum network performance.

Senetas encryptors are the world’s only triple-certified products of their type (Common Criteria (Australia and international), FIPS (US) and CAPS (UK) certification – for government and defence use) and protect much of the world’s most sensitive data.

Senetas secures: government information and secrets; defence and military information; commercially sensitive intellectual property, business and financial data; banking transactions; data centre traffic; high volume CCTV networks; and critical industrial and infrastructure control systems.

Senetas uniquely designs, develops and manufactures in Australia. Senetas encryptors have market-leading performance characteristics and are trusted to protect data in motion in more than 20 countries.

These customers include highly sensitive organisations such as the US defence forces and Swiss banks.


Palo Alto Networks and VMware extend strategic partnership to advance security in the software-defined data centre

Paloalto LogoFebruary 26, 2014Palo Alto Networks® (NYSE: PANW), the leader in enterprise security, and VMware, Inc. (NYSE: VMW) have extended the companies’ strategic partnership with the announcement of a new reseller agreement and the general availability of a previously announced integrated network security and network virtualisation solution. The integrated Palo Alto Networks and VMware solution lets  customers use the distributed network and services insertion capabilities of VMware NSX™ with the Palo Alto Networks next-generation security technologies to easily deploy, scale, safely enable and protect applications for software-defined data centres. As a result, customers can realise more agility and efficiency through centralised policy management and implementation.

The solution includes the Palo Alto Networks VM-1000-HV (a new VM-Series model designed for VMware NSX interoperability), security subscription, the Panorama centralised management platform and premium customer support combined with the VMware NSX network virtualisation platform. Today, the security components are available from Palo Alto Networks resellers and the VMware NSX network virtualisation platform is available from VMware. Beginning in the second quarter of 2014, customers will be able to purchase the complete bundled solution as a packaged offering directly from VMware and VMware Elite NSX partners.

To simplify deployment, Palo Alto Networks and VMware have published a validated technical reference design with key implementation use cases.

Supporting quotes
* “Palo Alto Networks and VMware have been longtime strategic partners in helping us realise the possibilities of the software-defined data centre, enabling applications that support our dynamic retail business while protecting it from cyber threats. The joint Palo Alto Networks and VMware network security and network virtualisation solution enables rapid provisioning of next-generation network security with our applications and a ‘single pane of glass’ management interface for all our security policies across our nearly 100 per cent virtualised data centre environment.”
o John Spiegel, Manager, IS Communications, Columbia Sportswear

* “This resell agreement and general availability of our joint solution represents a key milestone in our strategic partnership with VMware; it builds upon the extensive co-development efforts we have jointly invested to help customers realise a truly seamless and agile software-defined data centre with built-in security protections and helps make it easy to procure the necessary components.”
o Chad Kinzelberg, Senior Vice President of Business and Corporate Development, Palo Alto Networks

* “For network security teams working in dynamic cloud data centres, using tried and true network security processes and physical appliances represents a major challenge. Working with our strategic partner Palo Alto Networks, we’re advancing and simplifying security in the software-defined data centre. Our joint efforts to deliver a comprehensive and integrated solution will help ensure that the agility and speed benefits of network virtualisation are extended to security infrastructure.”
o Stephen Mullaney, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Networking & Security Business Unit, VMware

An integrated solution for today’s changing security environment
Recognising changing security requirements for global enterprises, Palo Alto Networks and VMware have partnered to deliver an integrated solution that combines the Palo Alto Networks VM-Series virtualised next-generation security platform with the VMware NSX network virtualisation platform. With this joint solution, customers will be able to unify next-generation network security across their physical and virtual environments with a single point of management. The VMware NSX and Palo Alto Networks integrated solution helps unlock the full potential of the software-defined data centre, letting IT organisations:
* automate delivery of next-generation security services
* accelerate deployment of business critical applications through transparent security enforcement
* optimise operational efficiency via simplified security policies with virtual, cloud and business context
* reduce errors in security configuration through context sharing between virtualisation and security environments
* easily segment and safely enable virtualised applications of different trust levels in the data centre
* address simplified security and compliance mandates with protection against known and unknown threats including exploits, viruses, spyware, malware and advanced persistent threats (APTs).


About Palo Alto Networks
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phiLight Software International and UXC Eclipse sign strategic partnership agreement to provide simplified intelligence and intelligent solutions on a global scale

UXC Eclipse LogoSydney, Australia – October 30, 2013 – phiLight Software International, authors of Sharperlight, and UXC Eclipse have signed a strategic partnership agreement to provide simplified intelligence and intelligent solutions on a global scale.

Sharperlight is a real-time enterprise self-service reporting and analytics integration framework, providing an easy-to-use and user-friendly interface across multiple systems. It overcomes many of the cumbersome aspects of traditional business intelligence solutions.

Too many organisations focus on the financial data in their enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution to run their business. A great deal of corporate and operational data is often held in multiple other operational systems which is too difficult to access. Sharperlight changes the paradigm of data access: it has pre-built connections (Datamodels) available for Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Infor SunSystems v4, Infor SunSystems v5+, PROACTIS & PayGlobal and is able to connect to virtually any other system a customer may have within their organisation.

Martin Talbot, Chief Operations Officer of phiLight Software International, says, “In the last two years since we went to the market, our partner and customer base has grown significantly every month. UXC Eclipse is a well-respected and professional global organisation; our partnership demonstrates that Sharperlight has the breadth and depth required to conquer the market and the rapid joint successes we have had to date further attest to that.”

“The Sharperlight partnership just makes sense,” says UXC Eclipse CEO Bradley Stroop, “It is an application that matches our own portfolio of intelligent solutions, and it is a great value add-on for our customers. Sharperlight is a user-friendly, flexible BI solution that allows customers to execute rapid data analysis across a range of different systems. Its multi-platform functionality is very convenient for our customers that use third party value add-ons with their Microsoft solution.”

A gold certified Microsoft Dynamics enterprise resource planning (ERP) partner and a member of the exclusive 2013 Inner Circle for Microsoft Dynamics, UXC Eclipse was recently announced as a finalist of the 2013 MAPA Microsoft Partner of the Year Award for ERP. UXC Eclipse has 14 offices internationally and over 400 employees.

To learn more about Sharperlight, please visit: http://sharperlight.com/


About UXC Eclipse
UXC Eclipse is a leading provider of intelligent business solutions to the enterprise and mid-market.

Established in 1991, UXC Eclipse’s success has been built by providing the highest levels of service and offering a choice of solutions from leading software vendors.  UXC Eclipse also delivers industry-specific (vertical) solutions on the Microsoft platform to meet ERP and CRM requirements.

UXC Eclipse’s service offerings include applications business consulting & project management, applications development, corporate performance management and business process management.

With a team of over 400 people across 14 international offices (Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Canada and the United States), UXC Eclipse is committed to supporting over 1,300 customers.
UXC Eclipse is part of the ASX-listed company, UXC Limited.

For more information, visit our website at www.uxceclipse.com.au.

About PhiLight
Philight Software International is an IBM and a Gold Microsoft Application Development Partner. Our main development centre and head office is in Perth, Western Australia. Established in 2007 through the union of development skills and consulting expertise, and with a  history of and experience in delivering self-service reporting and business intelligence technologies to the marketplace, we embarked on the global commercialisation of SharperLight in Q4 2010. To find out more, visit www.sharperlight.com