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Sydney, Australia – In the nearly 40 years since its founding inside a Brentwood, Calif. garage in 1979, Teradata (NYSE: TDC) has grown to become the dominant cloud-based data and analytics company, serving the largest and most visionary enterprises in the world.

Meanwhile, “analytics” has become a $200 billion industry, fuelled by speed, scale, and competition within the rising digital economy. But as the rate and intensity of data has grown, today’s market has become saturated with copycats and new entrants who have only served to add complexity and uncertainty for companies hungry to invest in answers – not more analytics.

Teradata has recognised this new reality and today unveiled a reimagined approach to the market that has redefined its position in the category of analytics; establishing entirely new criteria and expectations for intelligence solutions in global enterprises. The company is leading this effort from its San Diego campus which, as of today, is Teradata’s new global headquarters, taking advantage of the West Coast’s deep ties to technology innovation and talent.

“Uncovering valuable intelligence at scale has always been what we do, but now we’re taking our unique offering to new heights, unifying our positioning while making our software and consulting expertise available as-a-service, in the cloud, or on-premises,” said Victor Lund, Teradata CEO. “We’re doubling down on our ambitious direction and strategy that’s data-based, customer-centric and built on expertise. Today, we challenge the industry.”

Driving this new approach is Teradata’s singular ability to encompass all the data, all the time, to find answers to the toughest challenges. Teradata delivers real-time, intelligent answers, regardless of scale or volume of query. And it’s done on-premises, in the cloud, and anywhere in between. This is “pervasive data intelligence,” which only Teradata has the industry-leading products, expertise, and services to deliver today.

Leading the way is Teradata Vantage, the only platform for pervasive data intelligence. Vantage provides businesses the speed, scale and flexibility they need to analyse anything, deploy anywhere and deliver analytics that matter. Vantage delivers true intelligence about what matters most to the success of each business.

But technology is only part of the story. Teradata Consulting provides access to more than 5,000 experts around the globe and the ongoing service capabilities needed to implement pervasive data intelligence across the largest enterprises, solving some of the world’s most challenging problems.

“Teradata brings a unique combination of transformative technologies and people with unparalleled expertise together to achieve our bold ambition – transforming how businesses work and people live through the power of data,” said Oliver Ratzesberger, Teradata’s Chief Operating Officer. “As such, we are the only analytics company able to help our customers rise above the complexity, cost and inadequacy of today’s analytics landscape, finding answers to the toughest challenges – providing answers that will push the world forward. From our products to our people, our position as the leader in pervasive data intelligence redefines everything we do.”

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Teradata grows international footprint, adds new features to IntelliCloud, its as-a-service offering for analytics at scale

SYDNEY –  May 29, 2018 Teradata (NYSE: TDC), the leading cloud-based data and analytics company, announced that Teradata IntelliCloud, its as-a-service offering for analytics at scale, is now being offered with flexible deployment options in Australia. The IntelliCloud service enhancements give customers using the platform increased flexibility and greater control over their enterprise analytics. Together, these updates offer customers around the globe the ability to re-focus in-house resources on business value and actionable insights, rather than on infrastructure, ensuring they receive full value from their analytic investments.

“Teradata is committed to providing its customers the fastest path to secure, scalable analytics in the cloud. In today’s data-fueled world, there is tremendous pressure to move quickly to subscription-based consumption, and enterprises with limited time and talent are struggling to acquire insights from their exploding data sources, volumes and types,” said Peter Mikkelsen, Executive Vice President International at Teradata. “We launched IntelliCloud to meet this need because no other company could create an as-a-service offering that delivers the speed, security and flexibility required for today’s massive and sophisticated enterprise analytic workloads.

International Expansion

New options for companies interested in consuming Teradata IntelliCloud’s high-performance, high-availability analytics platform as-a-service include Teradata IntelliCloud for AWS in the Amazon Web Services regions of Tokyo and Sydney, and Teradata IntelliCloud for Azure in the Microsoft Azure region of New South Wales and Victoria.

In total, deployment options for Teradata IntelliCloud now include:

  • AWS: Americas (United States and Canada), Europe (Ireland, London and Frankfurt) and Asia Pacific (Sydney and Tokyo).
  • Microsoft Azure: Americas (United States and Canada), Europe (United Kingdom, Ireland and Netherlands) and Asia Pacific (Australia)
  • Teradata Cloud: United States (U.S. East and U.S. West data centres)

IntelliCloud Enhancements

In addition to a significant increase in both deployment flexibility and international reach, Teradata is also launching several IntelliCloud enhancements:

  • Application Ecosystem for IntelliCloud enables customers to bring their own analytic ecosystem software applications (such as Teradata ecosystem applications, business intelligence or data integration applications, and various tools) and deploy them in the same environment as their IntelliCloud system. As a result, customers can create a best-fit architecture to run ecosystem workloads where they perform best, while maintaining security and low-latency performance between applications
  • IntelliCloud Management Console provides customers with easy-to-use management and operation of their IntelliCloud account, and now enables customers to view the status of all their IntelliCloud systems in one location, monitor and manage their IntelliCloud resources, scale compute capacity up and down at the click of a button, stop and start resources for cost optimisation, modify system backup schedules and more.

IntelliCloud subscriptions are available today.

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Teradata Global Services launches Agile Analytics Factory

Sydney, Australia – Teradata Global Services has announced the launch of its Agile Analytics Factory, an as-a-service program that accelerates client innovation in advanced analytics and delivers strategic business outcomes.

Alec Gardner, Director, Global Services and Strategy at Think Big Analytics, A Teradata Company, said, “While most companies recognise the value of advanced analytics, they face a skills shortage that means they need to seek consulting and implementation services from external providers. They need a solution that helps them operationalise analytics and data science use cases, address data governance issues, and create repeatable analytic processes in-house.

“Teradata’s new Agile Analytics Factory provides data science skills and analytics expertise as a service to deliver systemic and repeatable analytic capabilities. It also helps reduce cost and complexity for users by applying data management practices and agile delivery methods across technology and business functions.”

The Agile Analytics Factory takes advantage of Teradata business solutions, including the AnalyticOps Accelerator, and industry data models. The AnalyticOps Accelerator facilitates the generation, validation, deployment, and management of deep learning models at scale. This accelerator moves projects from conception to production in weeks rather than months, reducing cost and time to market while improving quality, governance, scalability, and auditability.

In addition, newly-enhanced industry data models make it faster and easier to execute an analytics project because they support new, industry-specific use cases and high-value data sources. Leveraging this IP, clients can quickly integrate emerging data sources such as Internet of Things sensor feeds with traditional data sources to address strategic analytic objectives, such as condition-based maintenance for high-value industrial assets.

The Agile Analytics Factory uses leading practices and IP from Teradata’s Velocity services portfolio, which helps companies at any stage of their analytics journey, including advising on analytic strategies and developing analytic roadmaps, architecting and implementing diverse analytical ecosystems, and optimising and managing the environment to maximise business value.

Alec Gardner said, “The Agile Analytics Factory provides clients with the breadth and depth of expertise, services, technology and business IP they need to accelerate their analytic agenda. The program is built on experience that Teradata has applied to address the most complex analytic challenges for some of the most innovative companies in the world.”

Teradata unveils powerful analytics platform to let users choose their preferred analytic environment

Teradata LogoSydney, Australia – Teradata has launched a platform to let users throughout the organisation leverage their preferred tools and languages, at scale, across multiple data types. The Teradata Analytics Platform embeds analytics close to the data, so there’s no need to move the data. It lets users run their analytics against larger datasets faster and more often.

Alec Gardner, Director, Global Services and Strategy at Think Big Analytics, A Teradata Company, said, “The proliferation of big data means users have different needs, which has led to a broad variety of tools and approaches. Unfortunately, this means users often have to choose one tool at the expense of another, and the cost of doing so can quickly add up. The Teradata Analytics Platform is designed to overcome the challenge of siloed tools by offering a choice of analytic functions and engines, as well as the user’s preferred tools and languages across data types. This lets users get the business insight they need, faster and more easily.”

Choosing the right analytic tools and techniques can be complex, and different analytics projects need different tools. For example, simply predicting when a part may need to be replaced requires analysis and monitoring of data across many different sources, which could include weather, utility control, outage, usage, location, and other data. Gathering and analysing the data from all these different sources can demand that the analyst bounce between languages, data formats, user interfaces, and different systems altogether. They also need to integrate relevant data and move it across systems.

The Teradata Analytics Platform eliminates or combines many of these steps, integrating data within a single ecosystem that can easily support raw data from other sources.

Alec Gardner said, “The Teradata Analytics Platform offers a single workflow that lets users switch between the most common interfaces and tools, including commercial and open source. The result is better, faster, and more precise insights based on all the data, not just a subset.”

The Teradata Analytics Platform will integrate Teradata and Aster technology to start with, and will evolve to include leading engines such as Part, TensorFlow, Gluon, and Theano to provide quick and easy access to a full range of algorithms, including those for artificial intelligence and deep learning. This lets the platform provide scalable and analytic functions such as attribution, path analytics, time series, and a range of statistical, text, and machine learning algorithms. It eliminates the need to store data across multiple engines, so analysts can quickly iterate and refine their analysis. And it lets them share analytic applications with peers by deploying reusable models in a web-based interface, giving self-service access to business users.

Teradata Analytics Platform is part of Teradata Everywhere, a flexible, agile, and scalable way to ensure high return on investments, while limiting the risk in making those investments.

Alec Gardner said, “This new platform will address many challenges seen in today’s digital enterprises and will make it easier for these organisations to extract maximum value from their data with minimum risk. It will ensure the solutions being used are compatible and integrated, avoiding the lock-in that makes it hard for businesses to change architecture over time. Teradata addresses these challenges by offering the latest advanced analytics and AI capabilities within a single processing environment, available everywhere.”

Forrester names Teradata a leader in customer journey analytics

Teradata LogoSydney, Australia – Teradata has been named a leader in customer journey analytics in two Forrester Wave reports, confirming and validating Teradata’s deep commitment to helping markets to act self-sufficiently on insights in real-time, without assistance from the IT department.

Alec Gardner, Director, Global Services and Strategy at Think Big Analytics, A Teradata Company, said, “Customer journey analytics isn’t a tool or a technology. It’s an approach to analytics that combines all available data to analyse customer behaviours across touchpoints and over time. The result is the ability to optimise customer interactions by understanding what triggers certain behaviours and therefore, predicting future behaviour.

“Teradata’s customers choose Teradata solutions for their significant strengths in data integration, advanced analytics, and multi-channel interaction management. Customer journey analytics is becoming crucial as consumers look for information and transact across channels. They expect a seamless experience with fast responses no matter what channel they’re using. Only by aggregating and analysing the right data, in the right ways, can companies meet these expectations.”

The two reports that recognise Teradata are: The Forrester Wave™: Customer Journey Analytics Visioning Platforms, Q3 2017; and The Forrester Wave™: Customer Journey Analytics Orchestration Platforms, Q3 2017. The visioning platforms evaluation rewards journey design and planning, such as sharing maps and insights, creating current- and future-state maps, co-creation, ideation, and discovery of segments and personas. The orchestration platforms evaluation looks for workflow automation, journey orchestration, and integration.

Not content to rest on past successes, Teradata has already introduced enhancements to its customer journey program, including:

Operationalising analytics: these give marketers quick access to analytic insight via dynamic visuals. This makes it easier to act on those insights in real-time without depending on data scientists or IT staff to interpret the results. It also lets marketers visualise the customer journey to better understand how to offer compelling interactions along the way.

Open analytics with ‘R’-based predictive models: this lets data scientists view the models used for real-time decision-making, which increases their confidence in the system’s ability to self-learn. Data scientists can then focus on other analytic challenges.

Centralised marketing command centre: further reducing the reliance of marketing on the IT team, this function gives marketers a single point of access to real-time insights. They can use this to manage performance consistently across customer acquisition, growth, retention, and customer experience. This can help standardise KPIs across business units and make it easier to pinpoint reasons for poor ROI so marketers can continue to improve.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance: by complying with the strict European privacy requirements, this function makes it simple for Australian users to similarly comply with Privacy Act legislation.

Customer journey ‘everywhere’: this gives organisations flexibility with system architecture, deployment options, and purchasing models. It offers unrestricted portability from on-premises to public and private cloud options, protecting investments from disaster.

New Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud release unifies advertising and marketing via next-gen data management platform

Teradata LogoTeradata Marketing Applications announced global availability of the newest version of Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud, a powerful data hub comprising integrated solutions that are already helping more than one-third of the S&P Global 100 drive revenue and improve customer engagement through data-driven integrated marketing.

The new release makes Teradata the first company to bring online advertising and customer marketing data together to drive real-time interactions across all channels, and provide integrated, individualised insights directly to marketing.

To achieve this, Teradata acquired FLXone, a next-generation Data Management Platform (DMP) provider based in the Netherlands, on 30 September, 2015. It powers the Integrated Marketing Cloud, a data hub comprising integrated solutions that help drive revenue and improve customer engagement through data-driven integrated marketing.

Teradata’s latest release empowers marketers to truly individualise their marketing and connect one-to-one with customers by unifying customer-interaction data across paid, earned, and owned channels, at scale. Now, from campaign inception through every customer interaction and response, Teradata provides marketers the most agile and comprehensive integrated data-driven marketing platform available on the market.
As well as providing the data foundation for the Integrated Marketing Cloud, FLXone also brings an extensive partner ecosystem with more than 40 leading advertisers, publishers, agencies, and media trading desks. These partnerships will let customers quickly integrate their data and applications with the Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud, so they can leverage data in real-time, across all channels, to provide a consistent customer-engagement experience.

Unlike any other offering, Teradata’s platform unifies interactions across outbound, real-time, and audience marketing, and unifies data across anonymous and known customers; all on a single modular platform. Teradata’s solution will also connect to proprietary data stored in an Integrated Data Warehouse (IDW), directly integrate to email and mobile response data through Teradata Digital Marketing Center (DMC), and offer native integration with other Teradata solutions.

Bob Fair, Teradata Co-President and global head of the Teradata Marketing Applications division, said, “We help make marketers more agile through analytics-driven insights and strategic execution that let them build one-to-one connections with customers, and drive revenue. That’s what marketers want. That’s what they need. That’s what we do. We are THE strategic partner for data-driven marketers today.”

To view the full press release for more information on the recent product enhancements across all major product components of the Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud, please visit the website:

Independent research firm recognises Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud as a leader in real-time interaction management

Teradata LogoSYDNEY, Australia – Teradata Marketing Applications, a division of Teradata Corp. (NYSE: TDC), the big data analytics and marketing applications company, has announced that Forrester Research, Inc., a leading independent research firm, has recognised Teradata as a Leader in Real-Time Interaction Management (RTIM). RTIM is a key part of the Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud, and is what allows marketers to deliver relevant, real-time offers and messages across digital or offline channels to best meet the most current needs of each individual customer. The report was released July 29, 2015, as “The Forrester Wave™: Real-Time Interaction Management, Q3 2015,” authored by Rusty Warner, with Srividya Sridharan, Olivia French and Matthew Izzi.

Forrester defines Real-Time Interaction Management as, “Enterprise marketing technology that delivers contextually relevant experiences, value and utility at the appropriate moment in the customer life-cycle via preferred customer touchpoints.”

In the report, Forrester evaluated eleven RTIM vendors against 35 specifically defined criteria. Teradata received the highest scores among all vendors in the “Capabilities” category, and tied for highest score in the “Solution Strategy” category.

Specifically, the report notes Teradata “builds on cross-channel campaign management strengths,” and that it “provides an enterprise-class decision engine for digital and offline execution.” The report also states that Teradata “references praise customer profiles and segmentation, analytics, business rules, and recommendation capabilities,” and states that Teradata “made investments to address digital experience delivery across the retail, travel, hospitality, financial services, and telecommunications sectors.”

Marketers continually seek better ways to deliver more contextually relevant experiences for their customers. And analytics solutions have evolved significantly to where some RTIM solutions, such as Teradata Real-Time Interaction Manager, can leverage data across both digital and offline channels.

“Telenor Denmark is developing an integrated, enterprise approach to planning, developing and managing customer communication across multiple channels, product lines, and business locations. Teradata Real-Time Interaction Manager is enabling us to leverage data in our network, billing and CRM systems to communicate with customers based on real-time events to deliver real-time personalised next-best offers,” said Petr Taborsky, senior director, Customer and Business Intelligence, Telenor Denmark.

“Marketers want and need to deliver individualised messages in a meaningful context. And consumers expect informed, real-time dialogue with brands. Our real-time decisioning makes this possible. I believe that this new report recognises the contributions Teradata is making as a leader in this important category,” said Bob Fair, Teradata Co-President and head of Teradata Marketing Applications.

For a complimentary copy of the Forrester RTIM Wave report, visit the Teradata Marketing Applications website.

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Teradata acquires Appoxee, enhances global mobile marketing strength of Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud

Teradata LogoSYDNEY, Australia, January 20, 2015 – Teradata Corp. (NYSE:TDC), the big data analytics and marketing applications company, today announced it has acquired Appoxee, a mobile marketing Software-as-a-Service provider. The addition of Appoxee to the Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud complements Teradata’s strategy to provide industry-leading marketing solutions that help data-driven businesses deliver more individualised information and communications to their customers, based on the type of brand engagement experience those customers want and expect.

The acquisition closed on December 17, 2014. Because they are not material to Teradata, the terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. Appoxee’s solutions will be integrated into the Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud beginning immediately, and quickly integrated with Teradata Digital Marketing Center.

Appoxee will accelerate Teradata Marketing Applications’ growth in the digital marketing space by providing a full range of mobile capabilities that complement the inherent strengths in the Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud, particularly in the area of omnichannel marketing and real-time customer interaction. Teradata Digital Marketing Center customers will now be able to use a single solution to manage customer communications across email, landing pages, SMS, social media and mobile push. Teradata will also provide robust multi-channel campaign management and real-time decisioning for mobile as well as mobile marketing analytics. Future integration plans extend to Teradata Customer Interaction Manager and Teradata Real-Time Interaction Manager.

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Westpac and Teradata harness Aster to deliver impactful customer experiences

Teradata LogoTeradata Corp. (NYSE: TDC), the analytic data platforms, marketing applications, and services company, and Westpac Banking Corporation (Westpac) announced today that Westpac is continuing to develop the industry leading Marketing CRM program with big data and advanced analytic techniques from Teradata.

Westpac’s customer engagement strategy analyses data to continue to improve customer experience through personalised offers and services. Westpac have engaged Teradata to partner with them to source new data to further enhance this process.  As part of the engagement, Westpac is also developing new insight to reduce instances of loss and fraud.

The key has been the ability to engage different parts of the organisation to discuss how the business will benefit from new analytic technology and new data sources. The teams have utilised Teradata Aster nPath™ and graph analyses to uncover patterns in very large datasets which was previously not possible.

Utilitising the Teradata® Unified Data Architecture™ and the Teradata® Aster® Discovery Platform, Westpac business users, supported by Teradata’s industry and data science consulting team, are rapidly producing new and powerful customer insights. “We realised early that this should focus on business outcomes, not solely on technology,” said Rachel Rohrlach, Executive Manager, CRM Capability, CRM&D, AFS Strategic Marketing, Westpac. “Working alongside the Teradata team, we created a vision of the outcomes, quickly proved them and by engaging IT, defined the processes and architecture to ensure the technology swiftly delivered on the business promise. We’ve been able to combine these new data sources with our existing ones and test new technology such as Hadoop”

In her keynote presentation at Teradata Universe in Prague this April, Karen Ganschow, general manager, Customer Relationship Marketing and Digital at Westpac, , said, “After only three weeks, the customer insight we are getting from Teradata Aster is amazing.”

“One of the key success factors of this project has been enabling Westpac business analysts to use their existing analytic skills and knowledge to work with large volumes of structured and unstructured data,” said Alec Gardner, general manager, Advanced Analytics, Teradata Australia and New Zealand. “The Teradata Aster Discovery Platform enables customers to rapidly take advantage of all types of data and advanced analytic methods. It enables the Business Analyst community to focus on business outcomes and as part of the Teradata Unified Data Architecture, enables IT to more rapidly test, then process and provision these new, large and disparate data sources for the business to access.”


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