Fortinet appoints Glenn Maiden as director of threat intelligence, FortiGuard Labs Australia and New Zealand

Fortinet has appointed Glenn Maiden as director of threat intelligence at FortiGuard Labs Australia and New Zealand. Glenn’s role will focus on threat intelligence sharing to help Australian and New Zealand organisations protect themselves from current and emerging threats.  

With a strong background in defence, intelligence, security and federal government, Glenn has led a wide variety of cybersecurity activities including penetration testingsystems engineering as well as risk assessments and cyber operations. While in the Australian Intelligence Community (AIC), Glenn supported intelligence collection, processing and reporting.  

Glenn has also held roles with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), where he was the agency’s cybersecurity advisor, and with Lockheed Martin, where he ran cyberoperations for the organisation’s Defence Centralised Processing project. Prior to joining Fortinet, Glenn worked at Cisco, where he ran a national-level program to raise Australia’s overall cyber posture. His focus was on accelerating Australian cybersecurity education and building effective partnerships to realise mutual success.  

At FortiGuard Labs, Glenn will head up threat intelligence operations for Australia and New Zealand. FortiGuard Labs builds the security intelligence that underpins advanced security technologies like artificial intelligence, antivirus, intrusion prevention, and email and web security.  

Glenn Maiden, director of threat intelligence, FortiGuard Labs, said, “Threat intelligence sharing is a crucial aspect of minimising the harm caused by cybersecurity breaches in Australian and New Zealand organisations. Effective threat intelligence sharing can help cybersecurity professionals take a more strategic and proactive approach to protecting their organisations. This can help overcome challenges posed by skills shortages and disparate cybersecurity postures characterised by point solutions that create complexity.  

“By integrating threat intelligence into their cybersecurity posture, organisations can reduce their risk and optimise their security investments, focusing on the controls that will make a real difference.” 

FortiGuard Labs aims to help organisations move away from tactical, responsive approaches to cybersecurity towards a more integrated approach. With more than 200 dedicated researchers and analysts reviewing a constant stream of threat-related data, FortiGuard Labs takes the human cost out of trying to defend organisations’ networks.  

Glenn Maiden said, “Threat intelligence is an extraordinarily valuable tool in the fight against cybercriminals. It’s possible to point to any number of situations in which organisations have avoided significant damage and losses due to timely threat intelligence informing their response to attacks. When organisations have a plethora of point solutions in place, it becomes more difficult to integrate threat intelligence into the cybersecurity ecosystem. It’s important to choose cybersecurity solutions that incorporate a security fabric that extends across the business and leverages threat intelligence for a more effective defence.”  


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